Friday, June 11, 2010

David Horowitz on Political Islam....

David Horowitz is one American who fully understands both the self-contradiction and the seething, inherent bigotry against non-Muslims. This quote pretty much sums up the essence of the Muslim mind;

“In fact, radical Muslims hardly need facts to stoke their hatreds, let alone distorted perceptions of American policy... Muslim hatred of America is as rational as Muslim hatred of Jews.

"In the last twenty-five years, no one has killed more Muslims than Saddam Hussein. Yet, only two of 57 Muslim states lined up against him. In the same interval, no nation in the world has saved more Muslim lives than the United States (Afghanistan, Somalia, Kosovo and Kurdish Iraq); yet only 2 of 57 Muslim states recognized the debt enough to support America's war effort.

“The Arab world in particular is a collection of medieval theocracies and fascist regimes, who supported first Hitler and then the Communist empire.

“Its culture is xenophobic and its media is effectively controlled by the state.”

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