Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Happened to "The Steamroller?!"

Yeah, what happened to the guy who was going to "do what he thought was best for the people, no matter what?!"

First he took on Sheldon Silver (State Assembly Chariman) and Joe Bruno (State Senate Leader)...and LOST.

Then he took on the entire State of New York with his recent "drivers licenses for illegal aliens" scheme...and insisted that he was going to force this through, despite all far, he hasn't gotten off the floor.

Today (Wednesday, November 14, 2007) Eliot Spitzer officially pulled the plug on his "licensing illegals" plan, mere weeks after responding to NYC's Mayor Mike Bloomberg's complaint that this plan "may result in a NY State driver's license no longer being OK'd as ID on even domestic flights, that Bloomberg was "Wrong on every level, factually wrong, legally wrong, morally wrong, and ethically wrong."

Spitzer's approval ratings are now, not only lower than G W Bush's, but lower than the current Pelosi Congress's! As Fred U. Dicker of the NY Post put it, "His once sky-high popularity has fallen faster and further than that of any governor in modern state history."

But that's not all, not by a long shot!

Did Spitzer really believe in this plan?

If he did, he should've stuck by it no matter what, no matter the personal cost.

But if he really believed that Mike Bloomberg was factually wrong (he was NOT), then he is ignorant of the facts, if he really believes that Bloomberg was legally wrong (he was NOT), he (a former State Attorney General) is woefully ignorant of the LAW and if he thinks Bloomberg was "morally and ethically wrong" (AGAIN, he was NOT), then that speaks volumes about Spitzer's own morals and ethics!

And it's even worse if he really didn't believe that, as that proves that he's the kind of man who'd say anything to dismiss an opponent and avoid serious thought about the issues. It proves him to be a thoughtless, rudderless, naively Liberal Democrat - the kind that places like New York churn out faster than a Chinese sweatshop churns out toys.

But some good has come out of this humiliation for New York, today the entire country saw that even in Liberal old New York, a hair-brained scheme like doling out driver's licenses to illegal aliens doesn't fly.

As a result, there are fewer people today proudly supporting "open borders," and claiming that "anyone who wants to come to America has a right to come."

Today, the army of the shiftless, shameless and stupid, who support illegal immigration took a haymaker to the chin...a BIG haymaker and today they know, they KNOW that over 78% of Americans want illegal immigration reined in and an "Enforcement First" policy adopted.

For THAT, we have Eliot Spitzer to thank!


Peter V. Bella said...

Elliot seemed to forget three things:
1.) People do not want to give illegal immigrants legal documents.

2.) Driving is not a right, as he should well know- he is an attorney. It is a privilege.

3.) The majority of people- those of us who do not protest or get our mugs on TV- are against illegal immigration.

He should take a memory course or some memory pills.

JMK said...

This was a perfect cap to a near complete implosion on Spitzer's part Middleclassguy.

The NYS Dems planned on taking back control of the State Senate, now that looks highly improbable, even against a near dormant NYS GOP.

His line in response to Bloomberg (another stalwart Liberal) was classic - "factually wrong, legally wrong, morally wrong and ethically wrong," fact, Eliot Spitzer was wrong and wrong on all counts, as Bloomberg's view, that the DHS would make NYS driver's licenses invalid ID even for domestic flights, etc.

I almost feel sorry for Spitzer....ALMOST.

Anonymous said...

The most idiotic of the premises that the self-proclaimed "Fucking Steamroller" put forth as a rationale was that somehow the illegals would be forced to buy car insurance.


Because it's the law?

Gee, maybe I missed something but that has never seemed to be of great import to these folks previously. Are we to assume that the illegals would swell with pride and feel that their recognition by TFS would have Geico's phones ringing off the hook?

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny:

"What a maroon!"

JMK said...

Absolutely right Mal!

one of the most absurd claims that both sides favoring illegal immigration have made is that licensing and such would "bring them out of the shadows."

Amazingly and stultifyingly stupid!

The criminals and potential terrorists among them WANT to remain very much "in the shadows."

Merely fining those who hire illegal aliens TWICE - once for hiring "undocumented workers and a second time for subverting tax withholding laws (almost all of them are paid "off the books") would result in a dramatic lack of jobs for illegal aliens and the vast majority of them woudl simply SELF-DEPORT.

Guys like Spitzer are just too craven to admit their real rationales - Liberals see illegal immigration as an ultimate road to "cheap votes," while Country Club/"Moderate" Republicans see it as a means to "cheap labor."

Both arguments are not just cynical, they put short-term political and business interests over the long term economic and short-term security interests of America.

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