Monday, September 4, 2017

The Way of This World...

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Check out this Antifa freak out ( For me, the disturbing thing is the idiotic indoctrination this goofball spews.

People like him black, white and others are prey. They've been conditioned to be prey their whole lives; by religions that teach, "It's better to be a virtuous poor man, than an immoral rich one"; from media messages that promote an agenda that seeks to have people divest themselves from even the paltry little "wealth" they've earned in this life - that's the message of Socialism, Environmentalism, etc.

This guy believes he's part of a group (American whites) that "has no culture." I have no sympathy. He's a rube, who deserves to be impoverished through his own unexamined beliefs.

In my view, there is NO "heaven," there is no "hell." People DON'T "get what they deserve" in some afterlife. The soul/life force, whatever, simply continues on its journey...kind of "doing this until it gets it right." So being "virtuous" has no reward, just as being a predator has no punishment. They CAN'T because morality itself is entirely arbitrary and capricious.

One generation of the SAME people believed in the efficacy of slavery, another doesn't, and condemns that earlier group, while failing to condemn the 60% of today's world that STILL engages in that practice. One generation sees putting people with unfortunate medical conditions (dwarfism, gigantism, etc) on display in circuses and "freak shows," another doesn't and condemns those who subscribed to that earlier morality. Sharia morality believes gays, apostates and female adulteresses should be stoned to death. The West's moral code does not.

Which one is correct?


They are simply part of the inane and whimsically, ever-changing moral mosaic of mankind.

ONE thing remains TRUE, and that is that, the "virtuous" people who are willing to sacrifice themselves for their "causes," WILL be sacrificed and preyed upon. That's just, "the way of the world."

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