Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Could Trump Govern?

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This is an odd question considering that a majority of Americans prefer divided government.

How else can that be taken except as Americans wanting government to do LESS governing?

In Trump we’d get the ultimate in divided government, with BOTH the Democrats AND the GOPe aligned against him.

YES, Trump could easily undo the Obama Executive Orders with the stoke of a pen. He could probably even do a good deal to eradicate local monopolies for health insurers, ending the decades long practice of setting up competition-free zone for major health providers.

Changing our horrific tax system, used to reward “friends”/donors and punish political “enemies,” would be a much bigger deal, given that BOTH major Parties benefit from that corrupt system and severely limiting, let alone eliminating In-Sourcing cheap labor via H-1B Visas and ILLEGAL immigration would be even harder, given the hold this global corporate elite has over our fully OWNED political-media class.

STILL, given how out-of-touch BOTH major Parties are with the voters, Trump could be a “breath of fresh air, IF only he’d continue being the veritable “pox on both their houses.”

But Trump is an unlikely and very flawed champion of the working class and probably normally WOULDN’T be able to be taken seriously as that EXCEPT for the abusive way our political-media class has treated America’s working people.

The GOPe is chomping at the bit to “make a deal” with the Democrats over ILLEGAL immigration; the GOP allowing for the “Path to Citizenship” (Amnesty) in exchange for barring them, while non-citizens, from getting social services and voting...that would keep them from providing that cheap labor source that many business owners here covet.

Spoiler alert: The Dems DON’T want “the illegals” voting any time soon either. They know that most of the new immigrants are Catholics, who become reliably (socially) Conservative voters once established here.

BOTH major Parties have brought this upon themselves. They DESERVE Trump! They’ve EARNED true gridlock that would come from an anti-globalist who’d revel in throwing a monkey wrench into their globalist master’s plans.

Is Trump a potential savior?

Hardly likely.

His primary, if only appeal is that he’s “NOT one of them (the political-media class).” Right now, that might be enough. The GOPe desperately wants “their Party back.”

If Trump gets in, that doesn’t happen, at least not very easily.

And the DNC machine that lied to and screwed over Bernie Sanders voters will take a big hit as well. Not that Bernie didn’t show his true colors (lack of principle) in begging his supporters to close ranks around someone they distrust, someone they know is beholden to the global conglomerates, the Monsanto’s, the GE’s, etc.

THIS is indeed a unique election. Unfortunately, it’s also been a year-long Reality TV show, that’s made it seem more of a farce than political reality. BUT it is truly an election that actually fulfills the empty promise that Barack Obama made back in 2008 for real CHANGE!

For ANYONE opposed to the control of the global corporate “elite,” Trump, with ALL his faults, offers the only real hope of that. At worst, he’s a thumb in the eye of that global corporate “elite” and their paid employees in BOTH Parties and our national media.

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Skunkfeathers said...

I have no genuine idea what to expect from a Trump presidency. But we won't be long in finding out.

Republicans have two years to work with him effectively. Or not.

Meantime, I'm sure the Fauxcahauntus wing of the Dems will be out in farce, loud and discordant, denouncing everything from 'white privilege' to 'peanut butter sandwiches' (declared racist by some abject morons on the Left), encouraging collections like blm to stay mad and misinformed. And the lamestream servile mediocres will be fanning those flames, while pushing Ms E Warren to take the shot in 2020.

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