Friday, July 15, 2016

Hi Anti-Trumpers...and Buh-Bye!

Sad! Pathetic even!

The diehard "Never-Trump" movement skidded to a faltering halt last night (Thursday 7/14/16). "A long-shot, last-ditch attempt by a few Republican delegates to prevent Donald Trump from securing the GOP nomination failed by an overwhelming margin late Thursday night." (…/never-trump-campaig…/)

"Some anti-Trump delegates on the Republican National Convention Rules Committee sought a strategy to unbind convention delegates, allowing them to vote their conscience against Trump even if they were bound to him by primary results. Delegates loyal to Trump and the Republican National Committee fought back by proposing a counter-measure to clarify that all delegates are bound to vote based on the primary results.

"The votes came near the end of a marathon 14-hour session of the rules committee to set any changes ahead of next week’s convention to officially nominate Trump as the Republican presidential candidate. The first vote, on the pro-Trump measure to keep delegates bound, passed easily, 87 to 12..."

"...Kendal Unruh, a Colorado delegate who has led the efforts to unbind the delegates, offered her highly anticipated amendment. She gave a speech beforehand calling the ability to vote one’s conscience a “God-given right.”

“The right to conscience is not just something that we’ve decided is a cool idea. It’s something that is the very basis of our nation,” Unruh said. “It is why the pilgrims came here and founded our nation. It is a God-given right to why we have the Bill of Rights.”

"Immediately after that, however, Michigan delegate Matt Hall moved to end debate on the measure, and more than two-thirds of the committee, 77 to 21, voted to cut off all debate while some anti-Trump delegates, including Utah Sen. Mike Lee, were still waiting to speak on the matter.

"The committee then voted against Unruh’s amendment by voice vote, with the opposition so clear that a recorded vote was deemed unnecessary."

I hope that these folks choose to follow George Will's lead and leave the GOP. Maybe they could follow the leads of those who plan on leaving the U.S. "If Trump wins."

AGAIN, the reason we have the 2 remaining major Party candidates we do is because the Democrats rigged their system with "Super-Delegates" that never gave Bernie Sanders a real shot. That and because fewer Dems are sick of a government that has continuously let down Americans and especially American workers.

The GOPe TRIED to rig their system and thought it was rigged, but early on they didn't "get the hint." Even when the top 4 vote getters in their early Primaries were "political outsiders, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina and Trump. The GOPe proved none too swift on the uptake.

For those of either Party who want to vote NEITHER, there IS a viable 3rd option, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.

Not too sure how sound he is on anti-terror, or In-Sourcing cheap labor via "undocumented workers," and the abuse of the H-1B Visa system, but at least he's "NOT one of them."

Me, I'm probably pulling the lever for Trump, primarily because I revile politicians and our broken political system.


Dan O. said...

I heard that Kendal lady on a local Cleveland station yesterday. What a spoiled little sore loser she sounded like. Her candidate didn't win so, the rules must be changed. The host of the local show asked her several times "what happened to the premise that the first candidate to 1237 delegates gets the nomination"and she wouldn't give a straight answer. She basically said the votes of the people don't natter in the primaries. WHAT? She's one unhinged dingbat.

I'm with you. Trump was never my guy, but now that he's the nominee, I'll vote for him. Any alternative is a definite continuation of denigration.

JMK said...

It's a weird election, Dan, but BOTH Parties seemed to have brought this on themselves. It could easily have been Trump vs Sanders, BUT the GOPe did far more to alienate their least until recently (the way DNC treated Sanders and his supporters).

It'll be interesting going forward.

I think people want REAL change, NOT "Obama change," but fundamental political reform that makes government MORE responsive and LESS burdensome to the people.

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