Wednesday, July 6, 2016

“Dump Trump" Anti-Cons Are THE Problem with the GOP

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FREE Trade is NOT a “Conservative issue.” It was originally championed by the Clinton's BEFORE Gingrich & Co ever came to the scene.

Moreover, FREE Trade is ANTI-worker and PRO-Investor Class (the hated 1%), as such it's a classic "WIN-LOSE," as opposed to any kind of "WIN-WIN."

Traditional Conservatives have ALWAYS pushed for FAIR Trade...equal access, even when that hurts our trading partners and makes trade with such "developing nations" more difficult. Conservatives have also long opposed BOTH OUT-Sourcing (moving factories and call centers overseas) & IN-Sourcing (bringing cheap labor IN). The GOPe has never made ANY real, or compelling arguments against those bedrock Conservative principles before, so it’s a little too late to start now.

The sad truth is that "Free Trade"/Globalism's opportunities DON'T go to those put out of work by Out-Sourcing &In-Sourcing. They tend to go exclusively to the wealthy "Investor class."

The costs of retraining those displaced workers SHOULD BE borne by those opportunists both private sector investors & those within the political/media class that have benefited disproportionately and often illicitly from such questionable trade practices. Let those costs be taken out of those poorly distributed profits.
That's NOT "socialism," even though it's NOT Capitalism (Free Markets) either...we DON'T HAVE either anyway. What we have is Corporatism. This would merely be a more humane and decent form of Corporatism.

IF the “Dump Trump” movement, led by rogue delegates like Kendal Unruh is successful, it COULD work out for the best. IF they succeed it’s very possible that the Libertarian Party may replace the GOP as the 2nd largest vote getter in 2016. That would relegate the GOP to the status of the Whigs.

Perhaps that’s not such a bad prospect!

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