Friday, June 24, 2016

Had to See THIS Coming...

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This morning we all woke up to the BREXIT!

Shocker? Hardly. Not after the rape of Germany by Muslim invaders and the clinching Calais riots in that French port city that targeted Brits by alleged "Open Borders" advocates from various 3rd World venues.

David Cameron, England's heir apparent to John Boehner (a non-Conservative kind of "Conservative") resigned in the wake of the vote.

I'm with England's Boris Johnson, France's Marine LePen, Belgium's Geert Wilders and Germany's Michael Stuerzenberger (…/leader-of-germanys-…/), among others who see the EU as grossly ineffective and monstrously incompetent with a sweet tooth for globalism/multiculturalism.

Yeah, how's the rape of Cologne working out for you guys?

HOPEFULLY, Britain is, as Pink FLoyd sang, "Just a brick in the wall."

Greece is looking at a Grexit and France is seriously eyeing a Frexit, which would effectively end the debacle of the EU.

Even the Dalai Lama has voiced objections to the EU's multicultural stance, saying unequivocally, "Europe MUST remain European."

WoW! The Dalai Lama agrees with ME!

Feels GOOD!

Yup, I'm with the Lama...and AGAINST the globalist EU.

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