Wednesday, June 1, 2016


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Mamadou Diallo's arrest

WHY is this man being charged with ANY crime?

Mamadou Diallo was called to his apartment at 10PM this Sunday night over an attack upon his wife.

Earl Nash, a career felon was beating and attempting to rape Mr. Diallo's wife.

Mamadou grabbed a tire iron and...."went to work."

By the time he was done, the "unarmed" perpetrator (the lifelong thug Earl Nash) was bloodied and unconscious. He was later pronounced dead at nearby Lincoln Hospital.

Violent self-defense is a bedrock principle of BOTH Natural Law and English Common Law (the basis of all Western Law).

Mamadou Diallo SHOULD BE honored for saving his wife's life and protecting the family honour.

NO juror should find Mr. Diallo guilty of ANY crime! Initially both Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin wrote that, "No individual while in the commission of a felony is to be counted as "person," nor accorded any recognizable, even basic rights, while in the commission of such acts."

That SHOULD HAVE and STILL CAN BE codified into our laws. It's never too late to do what's right.

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