Wednesday, June 22, 2016

THIS is...Interesting

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Gary Johnson (L) and William Weld (R)...CAN These Guys Gain Traction?

I think everyone knows that the current race for President is about as popular as a contest between a rat and a snake.

BOTH major Party candidates have what appears to be serious personality disorders.

Beyond that, much of the electorate is hopelessly polarized. Many, like myself would never even consider voting for Hillary Clinton, any more than I would consider voting for Jeb (or any other) Bush.

So, today, we have a very different electorate than we did a quarter century ago...and the major political Parties haven't caught up.

They probably don't WANT to "catch up," because none of the news is good for them.

Today, a large (at least 35%) and growing segment of the electorate is Independent...NOT aligned with either major Party.

According to a recent Politico poll, "Fifty-five percent favor having an independent candidate challenge the Democratic front-runner and presumptive Republican nominee for president. An unprecedented 91 percent of voters 28 or younger favor having an independent on the ballot, and 65 percent of respondents are willing to support a candidate who isn’t Clinton or Trump.

"According to Data Targeting’s ballot test, an independent candidate would start off with 21 percent of the vote."

A Fox News survey released Thursday found Clinton leading overall with 39 percent support, followed by Donald Trump at 36 percent and Johnson at 12 percent, but among independents, Trump leads, at 32 percent, followed by Johnson, at 23, and Clinton, at 22. So, according to some polls Gary Johnson (the Libertarian candidate) has a real shot at gaining ground as they garner more media attention. (…/libertarian-candidate-gary-johns…)

Many voters haven't made up their minds yet and it seems that as many Democrats revile Hillary as Republicans detest Trump. Where will such voters go?

Will they "Hold their noses and vote Party," OR will they look elsewhere?

Libertarian candidates are also surging in some Senate races, most notably Missouri and Minnesota. (…/libertarian-candidates-surgi…/)

Personally I HAVE and would love to vote Libertarian, BUT I'd have to (1) See that candidate as having a good chance to actually win (this election is too important) and (2) I would NOT vote in any manner that might aid Hillary Clinton. How many others feel that way...or the reverse? How many others just couldn't vote for either major Party candidate?

THAT is Gary Johnson's and William Weld's opportunity. I sincerely hope they make the best of it!

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