Wednesday, June 15, 2016

THIS is Islam...

Moderate Islam is a MYTH

Islam's basic moral code is dictated by Sharia Law, which prescribes amputations for thieves (a little excessive, in my least for a 1st offense), death to violent offenders (LIKE IT...a LOT) and death for homosexuality and female adulterers (NAH, I DON'T much like at all)...homosexuality and infidelity are personal indiscretions NOT crimes!

Sharia law also prescribes "Honor Killings" for various female offenses (Marrying someone the family doesn't approve of, promiscuity, etc.). Nowhere in the West, oddly enough, is any of that allowed.

Interestingly enough, many of the facets of Sharia law are criminalized by Western canons.

Personally, as abhorrent as I find much of that, I believe Muslim nations, like those in the Mideast and Indonesia, etc. have EVERY right to live according to their own moral code.

That moral code, Sharia's moral code is entirely incompatible with the West's moral code, which allows NONE of that.

As this speaker correctly states, ALL Muslims adhere to Sharia Law. In fact, Sharia Law forms the basis for Muslim morality. It prescribes the Muslim moral code.

What's more, I'd be among the 1st to warn Muslims that Western leaders who invite you here, under the sham pretense of "diversity" and "multiculturalism" are seeking to eradicate your heritage and culture, the SAME way those SAME people are seeking to eradicate the original cultures of Europe, Asia and Africa. They care nothing for the cultures and heritages of their own people, they care even less (if that's possible) for YOURS.

KEEP your culture sacred and keep it onto and among yourselves. YOU are NOT welcome here...and NOT as much by people such as myself, but by the smiling Leftists who seem to embrace you.


They don't want YOU here. Well, they don't want YOUR culture or your morality here...and they won't have it.

Make no mistake, they will have others fight you and punish you, but it's these feckless politicians the "manservant's" of their multi-national corporation and international banking masters, who will demand your culture and heritage and moral code be stripped from you, so long as you reside in the West.

THAT is something EVERY American should know.

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