Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Pulse Night Club Terror...

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Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid

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Omar Saddiqui Mateen

The numbers are astounding; now 50 are confirmed dead and 53 wounded in an apparent Islamo-fascist attack on a gay night club in Florida. (

Police shot and killed the gunman, 29 y/o Omar Saddiqui Mateen.

Political correctness demands that we label such people “radical Muslims,” or followers of “Radical Islam, when, in fact, many of the beliefs Westerners, especially Americans consider “radical Islamist,” are in fact, traditional Islamic beliefs.

BUT don’t take my word for that, I’m admittedly no Islamic scholar, but Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid IS and he is considered a moderate Muslim who set up the website IslamQA, which provides information answers to questions in line with the Salafi school of Islam.

What Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid says about homosexuality is, “The crime of homosexuality is one of the greatest crimes, the worst of sins and the most abhorrent of deeds, and Allah punished those who did it in a way that he did not punish other nations.” According to Al-Munajjid homosexuals should be executed although the method has been disputed including burning, having a wall dropped on them, being detained until death in the "foulest place", being stoned, or being thrown from the highest building. Those who are forced into the act or were minors when the acts occurred are exempt from punishment. (

According to the Saudi Ministry of Education; "Homosexuality is one of the most disgusting sins and greatest crimes...It is a vile perversion that goes against sound nature, and is one of the most corrupting and hideous sins...The punishment for homosexuality is death. Both the active and passive participants are to be killed whether or not they have previously had sexual intercourse in the context of a legal marriage...Some of the companions of the Prophet stated that [the perpetrator] is to be burned with fire. It has also been said that he should be stoned, or thrown from a high place."

So THAT is the traditional view of Islam on homosexuality.

It’s also just one of the reasons that Sharia morality is completely incompatible with the Western moral code.

We ignore this fact at our own peril.

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