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Shaun King is a Vile Racial Bigot and ‘Lil’ Jimmy Rich (NY Daily News) is a Vicarious Enabler

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Recently the odious New York tabloid, the NY Daily News hired Shaun King of BLM infamy and a man not without his own racial controversies. He’s been charged with being another Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who claimed to be black, despite being born to these parents (

The real problem with Shaun King is the same issue that dogged Rachel Dolezal – BOTH are vile racial bigots.

In a recent Daily News piece (courtesy of the vicarious enabler, Jimmy Rich), Mr. King writes about the recent Grosse Pointe, Michigan controversy, in which three drunken, white high school students ranted about African-Americans ( in a most vile way, but instead of seeing this as three drunken, immature kids acting out, Shaun King sees it as an indictment of America, “Over this past Memorial Day weekend, several white high school students from Grosse Pointe South High School in Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., a suburb of Detroit, recorded a video where they discussed what they'd love to do if they were elected president in 2040. Among their ideas were bringing back slavery, burning black people with brands and sending them back to Africa. Yeah, really.” (

To Shaun King, this outlier event involving 3 drunken teens from a small Grosse Point High School proves that, “Racism is as American as apple pie, baseball and handguns. If any of us thought it was a relic of the past or something relegated to the Deep South, we were sorely mistaken.”

How about THIS, from a group that even the far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center calls, “The most hateful group in America.” ( Take a very GOOD LOOK at this video, in which a group of NON-inebriated adults make the Grosse Point teens look tame by comparison...AND a number of these Black Israelites from New York City are purported to be City workers (some from the Dept. of Corrections). Despite their vile racial bigotry, that group DOES NOT represent “black people.” A bigot of any color speaks ONLY for him/herself. These guys ( DO NOT reflect on black America any more than the 3 asinine teens from Grosse Pointe, Michigan reflect upon all of America.

Still, from Shaun King’s perspective, Racism, it appears, is pretty doggone normal at Grosse Pointe South High School, but we're seeing racist incident after incident among young white teens all over America.”

Actually, in point of fact, among whites, what’s sadly far more common to see, are the scores of self-loathing kind like the Vox Editor (Emmett Rensin) who called for more violent anti-Trump protests/riots (

Or Paul Cicala the demented, Tuscon sportscaster who commented that the woman assaulted at the San Jose Trump event “deserved it” because of the way she was dressed - wearing a Trump shirt (

What’s interesting is that opposed to a trio of dumb, drunken teens ranting in one of their suburban basements, the Black Israelites, the Trump rioters and folks like these ( espouse their bigotry and hate right out in the open!

BUT the fact of the matter is, that the 1st Amendment was written specifically to protect controversial, offensive, even bigoted speech, such speech is the ONLY speech that NEEDS protecting, but the SAME 1st Amendment that protects those Black Israelites, also protects those dopey, drunken teens from Grosse Pointe.

We can only hope that the teens outgrow their outrageous bigotry, sadly there seems to be less hope for that when dealing with the adult men of the Black Israelite cult and other such haters.

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