Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shariah Court a NO GO in Irving, Texas...

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Irving, TX Mayor Beth van Duyne

A group of Muslims who attempted to establish the first Islamic Sharia court within the United States in the town of Irving, Texas were recently rebuked by that town's Mayor Beth Van Duyne who made clear that she supports the new Texas law which prohibits any kind of foreign law from being practiced in the state of Texas. (

According to Mayor Van Duyne, "There were a multitude of illegal activities taking place behind the attempted formation of the Sharia court, including the fact that all four of the “voluntary” Sharia lawyers were not licensed to practice law in Texas — that’s a third degree felony.

"The rules of the Sharia court had different guidelines for women and men, with typical Islamic humiliation tactics to be used against women, which is constitutionally illegal.

"The Sharia court “lawyers” also conveniently failed to inform the city of Irving that they were operating a court inside of the town — again, illegal."

She called on those supporting a separate Sharia Court, "to follow the Constitution and the American Laws for American Courts bill, which prohibits foreign law from being practiced in the state of Texas."

Their response was, “We don’t care about the bill. It’s not going to affect us in any way, shape or form. The bottom line is the foundation of this bill is anti-Islamic.”


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