Saturday, June 25, 2016

NOW You KNOW Why the Globalists Are Angry Over the BREXIT....It's the MONEY!

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Yes, the BREXIT has really pissed off the so-called “global elite.”

Now the “THEY” I’m talking about are the real “masters of the universe,” the Corporate and banking “global elite,” NOT the poor, pathetic schlubs in the media/political class, or academia who BELIEVE that THEY’RE part of that “global elite, when they’re actually just “hired help.”

The BREXIT and the coming FREXIT, GREXIT and others are a true “people’s movement.” It’s the people rising up against these nebulous corporate masters. As more Europeans have come to see how incompatible other cultures with European culture there's been a widespread rejection of "multiculturalism" and cultural Marxism and that's now threatening the concept of globalism, or the "global hegemony" the corporate and banking elite have wanted.

The anti-"elitist" (they're really pseudo-elites) sentiment we see in Europe has already happened here with the ouster of ALL the GOPe candidates in their Primaries and the very flawed Bernie Sanders' strong showing against Clinton.

While the U.S. has long been a somewhat polyglot nation, it's experiment with massive "multiculturalism" conducted over the past 50 years has proven destabilizing. FACT is, "multiculturalism" DOES NOT necessarily, or inevitably lead to "strength," nor greater innovation. By all accounts America, circa 1950 was a stronger, more innovative nation than America today. We are living off both the accrued savings of the past and borrowed monies from future generations.

THAT has to stop. While Trump is a very flawed messenger, he's delivering the correct, anti-globalist, anti-pseudo elite message.

Almost to prove how locked down and corporately controlled ALL of our media is, Fox News jumped ugly on Trump way before ANY other media organization took him seriously and the Koch brothers have been backing Hillary since Jeb dropped out! Jeb = Hillary, Hillary = Jeb.

George Carlin was right, there is NO real "democracy" in the West, certainly not in the USA, that is more "locked down" today than the former USSR ever was. We have owners ( The collection of international bankers and the heads of multi-national corporations, own BOTH major political Parties, own and control our highly filtered news and entertainment media and control academia by steering grants to those that support their agenda and away from more independent thinkers and researchers.

Where they screwed up was allowing themselves to be blinded by the very idea of being able to "pave over" the world's cultures, heritages, races and religions to create a more homogeneous, consumer class global community. The Arab-Muslim world, to their credit, wants no part of that global mass consumerism and neither does much of Asia, nor Russia.

It's both sad and pathetic that members of our media/political class delude themselves into thinking they're PART of this global elite, when they're rightly seen by the real members of that “elite” as mere "hired help." BUT, worse off still, are those misguided citizens who buy into the multiculturalism, the race/gender preferences and open border policies marketed and slickly packaged by the global elites through their "hired help." Individualism, free markets, private property rights, etc. are what allowed the USA to become a world power so quickly.

For half a century, the global elites have sought to meld Africa via the "African Union," Central America with CAFTA, North America with NAFTA and are now seeking to begin melding the globe together...the Arab-Muslim world AND now Europe are throwing a monkey wrench into those misanthropic plans! The United States IS next in line to confront these pseudo-world masters.
What's happening in Europe now, as other nations consider their own exits from the EU is effectively, Europe's "Arab Spring." (…/a13ecb76-39d5-11e6-af02-1d…)

On Friday, that cadre of international bankers and heads of multi-national corporations got a kick in the balls. There WILL BE a push back. There WILL BE consequences. They are angry, but they’re looking to make money, NOT to slash and burn.

They’ll watch as Merkel is almost certainly put out in Germany, as they watched David Cameron fall on his sword in England. They’ll watch Europe’s move rightward to the various Freedom Parties...and they’ll retrench and repackage their message with new, more palatable and marketable “hired help.”

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