Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Naïve Fantasies of the “Global Elite”

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One of the frailties of the human condition is that
people, ESPECIALLY those who’ve been fortunate early on, writing a popular novel, starting a business, forging an
empire, come to believe they’re “good at everything,” that their expertise, in effect, knows no bounds, that they’re “smarter” than they actually are.

THAT seems to be the case of the so-called global elites.”

Take a look at this pro-EU video... being assailed as “racist,” by detractors.

I can see where some might see this as a decidedly Euro-supremacist vision, but that’s NOT the problem I see with it. Europeans ARE and SHOULD BE no less Euro-centric than Asians are Asia-centric and Africans are Afro-centric.

It’s all the SAME thing. That’s NOT “opinion,” just fact.

What I really see in that video is the naïve fantasy of an
insulated and insular cadre of people, often referred to as the so-called and misnamed “global elite.” People who are very smart, or at least very clever in banking, business, technology, or (name the field of their choice), but devoid of any real expertise beyond that specific focus, little if any real life experience and virtually no common sense.

Only such a fool would think that the European woman
in the video, would, by shear force of her will, get the 3 savages in the video to “sit down and talk,” or “negotiate,” or otherwise "commune together peacefully."

Sadly, we ALL know exactly what would really happen. That was disgracefully played out on the streets of Cologne, Germany and dozens of other cities around Europe. ALL of THAT is the fault of the likes of Angela Merkel and her pathetically naïve cohorts in Brussels.

I’ve seen this kind of naïve thinking before. In a
firehouse where a recruit to the Squad Company quartered with us, allegedly came up with a unique and fanciful “solution” to a particularly vexing problem at a fire they’d gone to. This guy had been assigned the roof position and saw the Tower Ladder having trouble getting the stream angled into a shaft on the roof.

Reportedly, that fellow came up with the idea of
diverting the Tower Ladder stream with a 4’ piece of ¾” plywood held by...himself, to divert the stream into the shaft.

Now, numerous firefighters have been hurt badly with
mere glancing blows from Tower Ladder streams. Those streams have been used to knock down chimneys that remained standing after a building came down. Tower Ladders are capable of pumping 1,000 gallons of water per minute (gpm), though a 3½” FDNY fitting usually delivers appx 400 gpm, which is a LOT of water at a very high pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure.

Resident reality guru, Bob Salvesen put the new
recruit straight in a series of pictures of “What was IMAGINED to happen” (Tower Ladder stream successfully diverted into the shaft) and “What WOULD actually happen (BOTH the plywood and holder blown far off the roof by the violent impact of the Tower Ladder stream.

Somehow, even reality (“the RAPE of Cologne”) can’t
convince the naïve “global elite” that their version of “multiculturalism” doesn’t work...CAN’T work!

THIS is the kind of judgment this pseudo-elite has continued to use and that’s a primary reason why more and MORE people have less and LESS respect for this “global elite.”

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