Friday, June 24, 2016

More like "CAN BE..."

Image result for Trump on Brexit

Image result for Trump on Brexit
TRUMP was Right!

Today's Daily Mail's headline blares, "BREXIT is proof that Donald Trump WILL BE the Next President." (

I think that should be modified to CAN BE. A shocker to the media/political class here and their misguided followers who've written Trump off.

For better, or for worse (BETTER than Clinton, worse than ???...the Libertarians?) Trump speaks to middle America. Unfortunately for "Progressives," he speaks to them in the vernacular of a New York construction worker, or stock broker (BOTH are often uncomfortably "in-your-face"), BUT judging by the upheaval around the world, maybe that's EXACTLY what America needs right now.

While they were "power napping," the so-called global elites (the international bankers and the CEOs of multi-national corporations) NOT the political/media "elite" who mistakenly "think" they're part of that group...and certainly NOT "the Progressive hordes" who even the political/media "elite" mock, have lost track of exactly how far out-of-touch they are with the world...and its people.

Our own highly filtered and corporately controlled media hasn't been able to figure out (1) how to sell Islam's misogyny nor (2) how to deal with Donald Trump. The dopes at CNN couldn't figure out "Why Donald Trump is leaving for one of his golf courses in Scotland"....just ahead of the BREXIT!

Seriously?! I know they "went to school stupid," but they shouldn't have come out the same way!

Borders, language, culture are words reviled by the true globalists, but they are revered by virtually ALL of the people of the earth. EVERYONE wants to maintain THEIR culture and THEIR heritage/traditions. EVERY nation wants to secure ITS borders....even Mexico has locked down its Southern border (…/Mexico-moves-lock-border-wall-…).

With the rise of the EU and the complacency of many in the West, the globalists saw an opportunity to fast-track the eradication of Western culture...Western civilization. Unfortunately for thing got in their way....ISLAM.

ALL devout Muslims adhere to Sharia Law and demand Sharia Law be practiced wherever they reside. Unfortunately for the West, Sharia Law is incompatible with Western Canon Law and Sharia morality is completely incompatible with Western morality. Ironically enough, IF millions of Arab and African Christians were streaming into Europe and Saudi Arabia wasn't financing mosques and Madrasas all over Europe...Europe may have remained like the frog in the slowly boiling water...comfortably complacent until it's too late.

It's as though, some among that global elite took the opportunity to sabotage their best laid plans.

No question, in my mind that Hillary CLINTON = Jeb BUSH = pro-globalist, pro-European genocide and pro-the eradication of ALL cultures and heritages worldwide.

That's why for NOW, I'd take TRUMP over Clinton. The only chance for that to change would be for the Libertarians to prove that they're really alive.

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