Monday, June 27, 2016

How Can You Tell if Your Chosen Media Outlet is OWNED by Globalist Anti-Americans?

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They'll have headlines like these for the far-Leftist attack on a PRO-Free Speech rally in Sacramento yesterday: "10 people wounded during neo-Nazi demonstration outside Capitol building in Sacramento" (…/sacramento-stabbed-neo-nazi-de…), "7 Stabbed At Right-Wing Extremist Rally Outside California Capitol" (…/report-5-stabbed-at-calif…/) or "Stabbings amid chaos at Calif. "Nazi mega-rally" ' (…/mass-casualty-stabbings-nazi-rall…/).

Reports initially claimed that 40 peaceful PRO-Free Speech, anti-globalist protestors were set upon by 300 from groups like RevCom ( and Antifa (, resulting in at least 10 people hurt, many of them critically injured. At least 7 of the Leftist attackers were among the wounded. Video of the attack can be found here:

Sorry, but FREE SPEECH and anti-globalism are NOT "far-Right" positions, as that would make "pro-globalism" and anti-free speech" the accepted view. Nope! Anti-free speech and pro-globalism are the extremist positions here.

Watch this filtered media with a very critical eye!

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