Monday, June 27, 2016

George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Christi Todd-Whitman (the infamous Ground Zero..."The air is fine"...apologist) Glenn Beck, Among Others Abandon "Trump's GOP"

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George Will...A Might Confused

George Will has said that he's now registered as an Independent, saying, “This is not my party.” (…/637283-foxs-george-will-bolts-gop-but-no…/…)

But it IS!

So, by all means, keep it! Well, keep the gutted shell after this is all done, at least.

i only wish Trump had been able to move forward as an Independent. As noted, Donald Trump is a highly flawed messenger, but he seems to be delivering at least some of the right message, given his political and media enemies.

After all, the GOP is the birthplace of the modern disease called "Progressivism" (…/theodore-roosevelt-making-pr…) and home to Corporatist Globalism (…/gop-support-of-immigration-globaliza…).

In the 1960s, ironically enough, directly after the JFK assassination, the GOP led by "American Nazi" Prescott Bush and fellow "American Nazi" and fellow founder of the Union Bank of New York (a bank taken over by the Feds over violations of the WW II era "Trading With the Enemy" Act) effectively set up a hostile takeover of the Democratic party, up until then, a parochial and historic home to blue collar Northern "ethnic Catholics" and Southern whites and fiercely anti-globalist Labor Unions.

That "Southern Strategy" effectively ended the 2-Party system in America...and it began long before Nixon took office. It's seeds were sewn in the union between Prescott Bush & Averell Harriman, aided, as it were by Fritz Thiessen ("Hitler's Banker").…/P.Bush-Union_Bank…

Since that time, REAL "Conservative America" has been lost in the wilderness. So much so that pro-globalist, pro-In-Sourcing, pro-cultural Marxists like George Will, Charles Krauthammer and others have been able to co-opt the Conservative mantle.

Ironically enough after years of ostensibly pushing the Conservative pro-family, anti-globalist agenda, while actively working AGAINST that in private, they are SHOCKED that the "rank-and-file would now rise up and demand they support what they themselves have opined over and lionized over the years in their columns and speeches.

Truth is, IF the populist anti-globalism, anti-In Sourcing ("anti-immigrant") and pro-family ("sexist, homophobic, traditionalist") agenda is indeed "racist, sexist and homophobic...then Will, Krauthammer, Whitman and others SHOULD NOT be allowed to simply walk away from it now, as though they "were only kidding" over the past half century.

THEY helped create this agenda! NOW they share ownership of it.

YES, the populism that Donald Trump is successfully selling was created by these "outraged Country Club Republicans. Trump is, in effect, "THEIR baby!"

What really outrages them about Trump is that "The Donald" is such a wild card that they fear he may actually upset the apple cart - the globalist, multiculturalist, cheap labor-loving scumbaggery that is so near and dear to the hearts of many among the "global elites."

Today, BOTH major political major Parties need to be brought down and ripped apart. They are both about as relevant today as the Whigs were in 1950, which is to say...NOT at all.

They NEED to be replaced by Parties that are run by actual middle class people, NOT a bought and paid for "political/media class."

The likes of George Will and Christie Todd-Whitman and others are welcome to what's left of the gutted, hollowed out GOP...a Party in name only.

For their part, the Democrats have an equally huge breakup coming, that between those wed to the entitlement ethos, embodied by so many Millennials, and.those who produce and don't wanted to be punished for producing.

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