Thursday, June 9, 2016

Funny Story: Suspected Murderer Arrested After Holding Press Conference Announcing Lawsuit Against Chicago Police...

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Dominiq Greer

Dominiq Greer was wanted in connection with a May 27th, 2014 murder and was armed on July 4th, 2014 when Police chased him down a darkened alley. Greer claims he "tossed his gun" and it went off when it hit the ground, police, oddly enough, believe he fired at them. In response Greer was shot three times, then shot four more times as he got up as police ordered him to remain on the ground.

Greer had managed to lay low and avoid apprehension...UNTIL he decided to hold a Press Conference with his attorney announcing their $15 MILLION lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department.

What a dope!

Now BOTH he and his attorney are "shocked" that police arrested him at his own Press Conference on that piddling old murder warrant.

THIS is the kind of cretin that the Thug Union "Black Lives Matter" (BLM) represents. They certainly don't represent the likes of 9 y/o Tyshawn Lee (…/prosecutors-suspect-in-ty…/1235981/), or 7 y/o Dantrell Davis (…/chi-chicagodays-dantrelldav…), or 15 y/o Hadiya Pendleton (…/hadiya-pendleton-PEOCVC0002…)...and that's because BLM is a THUG Union. They support thugs who assault police and kill with relative impunity in their own neighborhoods....people very much like Dominiq Greer.

The police have been backed off in Baltimore...and murders there have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, eclipsing those seen last in the violent 1970s.

There are severe limits to what government can do and those limits are even more severe in a free and open society. One thing now government on earth has been able to do is to save dysfunctional, self-destructive people from themselves.

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