Monday, June 27, 2016

Caught in the Act...Globalists Caught Rigging Anti-BREXIT Petition

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Anti-BREXIT Protesters Make Clear Where They Stand

Researchers have discovered that most of the actual signatures for the ongoing petition in favor of a 2nd referendum are from people who DON'T actually LIVE in the United Kingdom. When the petition reached 1,194,001 signatures, 840,013 (70%) of those signatures were from outside the United Kingdom...and only 353,988 (30%) were actually valid signatures within the UK.

Tens of thousands of the signatures are from France, Spain, USA, Australia and Germany as well as 207 other countries. (

Globalism is bad news. While the world's nations SHOULD strive to maintain good relations, neither any form of "global government," or global system of laws is necessary. Worse still, today's dim-witted globalists seem intent on making the world over in the United States' image, seeking to eradicate the rest of the world's religions, cultures, races to create a more homogeneous global consumer class. THAT'S wrong! What's more, it's evil, as well.

The fact that these swine are prone to lie, slime and smear so easily pretty much proves that.

STILL, dishonest, bought & paid for news organs like the NY Daily News continue to inanely and wrongly proclaim, "...just days after the referendum, remorse appeared to be setting in. More than 3 million British people had signed a petition seeking a chance to reverse the country’s spurning of the EU by Sunday afternoon."( ONLY it WASN'T "British people," as 70% of those signatures came from people of France, Spain even the USA. Not to be outdone, New York Magazine said, "There is no exit from Brexit. The day after Britain decided to leave the European Union, press accounts were full of mea culpas from repentant “Leave” voters. Over the weekend, more than 3 million Britons signed a petition calling for a new referendum on that last referendum’s result." (

Mea culpas!

Really?! With 70% of those petitioners NOT counting because they're NOT British citizens? With 17 MILLION Britons having already voted to leave the EU?!

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