Wednesday, June 15, 2016

British Citizen Charged With racial Crime for Putting Anti-Halal Stickers on Supermarket Meats

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Liam Edwards

Humans differ.

That’s an obvious fact. Not only do humans from different regions differ, but so do family members differ appreciably, often on a wide spectrum of traits and abilities.

There’s nothing at all wrong with that fact.

There’s ONLY something wrong with those judgments that claim that, “This (which I favor) is good/superior and that (which I do not favor) bad/inferior.”

Our various cultures and heritages differ greatly and so the adherents of the various cultures of the world also differ and have every right to do so and to defend those cultures.

I accept that THIS ( is an accurate portrayal and defense of Sharia law...for those areas.

I’d say that just as Sharia proponents have NO RIGHT to seek to impose Sharia Law or that Sharia moral code on the West, we in the West have NO RIGHT to impose our Western moral code in traditionally Muslim nations.

Recently, Liam Edwards today pleaded guilty to “racially aggravated criminal damage,” in the wake of the 29-year-old’s entering Sainsbury's and placing stickers on halal products. Those stickers stated: 'Beware! Halal is barbaric and funds terrorism.'

The self-proclaimed animal lover said that it was not “anti-Muslim,” but instead, a protest of animal slaughter. (

While I fully support Liam Edwards’ actions in London, just as I’d oppose them, if done Riyadh.

Moreover, even in England, Mr. Edwards’ actions seem arbitrary and capricious because he DOES NOT apply a uniform standard. For it’s been reported that while 88% of animals killed in the (Muslim) Halal method are stunned before killing, the Jewish method of slaughter called Shechita cannot involve pre-slaughter stunning at all.

IF Mr. Edwards’ posted similar signs in meats prepared according to Shechita procedures, his case would hold more weight, as BOTH religious procedures are barbaric AND in most Western nations violate the bans on religious law superseding secular law.

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