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THIS is TRAGIC, But NOT Necessarily RACIAL...

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Dan Belvin 95 y/o WWII & Korea Vet

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Eric Dyson Crackhead

Look, I'm as sensitive as anyone...and probably more sensitive than most to, (1) the deliberate targeting that most inter-racial violence entails AND (2) the wide disparity in inter-racial violence AND the way White-on-Black violence is highlighted, while Black-on-White violence is generally ignored or excused, BUT sometimes there are hideous crimes that are simply born of outright dysfunction.

The horrific murder of Dan Belvin a 95 y/o WWII & Korean war vet seems like one of those. (http://freedomdaily.com/media-silent-95-yr-old-vet-nearly-decapitated-black-thug/)

According to a May 13th report in the Washington Post; "Dan Belvin wrote a reminder in his pocket-size calendar.

“Get car keys back!!!! This PM!!!” the 95-year-old penned inside his apartment at a senior living facility in Montgomery County.

"The next day, another entry: “By 1000 hrs get Get Car Keys Back!!”

"The person with the keys, Eric Dyson, 60, lived down the hall in his father’s unit. He had befriended Belvin, a widower whose dog had recently died and who mostly kept to himself. What Belvin didn’t know: Dyson was a longtime drug offender who had locked in on the 128-pound former naval officer as a source of money to fund a crack binge.

"on Feb. 19th — the same day as Belvin’s second calendar entry about the keys — Dyson got inside Belvin’s apartment and stabbed and slashed him 40 times, nearly decapitating the man who had been on active military duty during World War II and the Korean War.

Dyson fled in Belvin’s 2000 Dodge Intrepid, tossed the murder weapon out the window and repeatedly used Belvin’s debit card to withdraw more than $2,000 over three days of drug use, prosecutors said.

“Eric Dyson took whatever he wanted,” prosecutor Amy Bills told jurors. “And that included a 95-year-old man’s car, a 95-year-old man’s goodwill, a 95-year-old man’s money. And his life.”

"The jury deliberated over the course of two days, convicting Dyson of second-degree murder and four counts related to theft and credit-card misuse."

The jury DID NOT convict Dyson of the more serious charge of 1st degree murder. THAT'S on them! That's the sad state of "justice" in America today....far too much misplaced sympathy for the miscreants among us.

Some have pointed to Dyson's pathetic confession as an indication of some racial animus, given that he tried to smear the dead victim to police: "The trial also revealed how Dyson — when interrogated by detectives last year — concocted a story that maligned the man he killed. In Dyson’s telling, Belvin made sexual advances and paid Dyson for sex to the point that he snapped. “Exploitation,” he called it.

"It was a suspect’s story that detectives pushed along, even if they didn’t believe it, prosecutors said. The detectives brought Dyson to the point of confessing, according to a video recording of the interrogation played for jurors.

“Do you remember where he was stabbed?” Sgt. Larry Haley asked him.

“I think the, down the chest,” said Dyson, who court records say was 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds. “I was just, I just kept swinging. I kept swinging and swinging and swinging.”

"Haley later testified, as did Detective Beverely, Then they described the tactic they were employing — one that makes a suspect think he is shifting blame even as he is implicating himself." (https://www.washingtonpost.com/…/78ef5d74-178a-11e6-9e16-2e…)

This is an absolutely horrific crime, but it's also an example of why I DON'T believe in, nor support "Hate Crimes" laws! Never have.

Personally, I don't care and I don't think Eric Dyson's motives matter here. I'm more than willing to accept the view that he did what crackheads so often do...committed a horrific crime of opportunity to feed his drug habit and when caught, tried to blame the victim, or do anything else he could to try and shift the blame away from himself for his craven and cowardly act.

SAME thing with James Byrd's killers (http://www.nytimes.com/1998/06/10/us/black-man-fatally-dragged-in-a-possible-racial-killing.html). I don't care whether they were, or were not motivated by race, or any other damned thing. I'm glad they were caught and tried in Texas, which had no "Hate Crimes" laws, but DID have the death penalty...unlike New York, which HAS "Hate Crimes" laws and rarely, if ever utilizes Capital punishment. James Byrd's killers almost certainly would've gotten far LESS justice in New York.

Sadly, for the interests of justice, Mr. Belvin was murdered in Maryland...another liberal state that rarely delivers anything like, "Texas styled justice."

The saddest thing in all this is that a, by all accounts exceptional man, one of "The GREATEST Generation," who'd fought and bled for this country's freedom was, at the end of his life cut down by a pathetic and despicable coward of the sort that not only has no understanding, let alone appreciation for America's freedoms, but wouldn't have, on his best day, ever stood and fought for his country.

Sickeningly and pathetically SAD!...

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