Wednesday, May 4, 2016

PETA and ME...

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Here’s the thing about the Left, they’re really, REALLY bad at outreach and education and they DON’T spend much time looking to convince and convert, instead they mock...which is only natural, because they don’t ever seem to have the facts on their side (as Margaret Thatcher presciently said, “Reality, IS Conservative”) so that makes it hard, if not impossible to convince or convert.

Take PETA and the so-called “animal rights” movement. I don’t own pets. I don’t anthropomorphize animals (dressing dogs up in little doggie coats, or putting sweater vests on cats). I don’t very much like the idea of zoos, circuses and horse races, not as much on the “cruelty to animals” bit, but as to that NOT being any animals “best life.”

I mean just speaking for myself personally, there’d be no worse life than being some old lady’s pet cat, with the crazy old bat talking baby talk to me for hours on end, wrapping me in “an adorable” sweater vest and feeding me toxic crap from her own table that my cat body wasn’t meant to digest...just saying.

But here’s where I distance myself from groups like PETA...I eat meat, lots and LOTS of meat and I love hunting and just killing shit for no god damned good reason at all. (YES, I know I’m borderline psychotic, often even “South of the Border,” as that Taco Bell slogan goes) BUT I like meat eating and hunting...I like meat eating hunters most of all.

When I see animal rights assholes out in the woods banging pots and stuff in the midst of a bear hunt, I’m rooting for some bear to devour them. I could write the headline: “Unarmed Bear Lover Viciously Mauled, Then Devoured by Hungry Black Bear in Northern New Jersey Woods.”

Hell, I haven’t hunted in ages, but what I’d like to hunt most would be a bunch of fur-bearing PETA dipshits, but that’s just me...going “South of the Border.”

At any rate, IF some PETA asshole had a good reason not to eat meat, I’d definitely listen, BUT I’ve heard most of the arguments like, “It’s wrong to kill and eat another sentient being.”

NO, it’s NOT!

Animals do it all the time. In fact, it’s a very necessary part of nature...of the life cycle. Lions kill and eat zebras, which are sentient beings. Crocs kill and eat gazelles, zebras, wildebeests and even a lot of less wild beasts, ALL of them sentient...hell, plants are sentient!

It’s good to be hungry. It’s allowed. So it’s OK to kill “other sentient animals.”

Or, “If you know how they farmed chickens and pigs, even fish for slaughter, or if you ever saw a slaughter house, you’d never eat meat again.”

Seriously? You really think we’d just starve to death rather than see a pig, or chicken or cow processed into bacon, chicken nuggets and a variety of other “tasty treats”?

Nope, I don’t.

Look, I’m patiently awaiting the day when we have “artificial" (manmade) foods that are even more nutritious and taste even better than our current day far, just as I’m awaiting the day when we can make candies, ice cream, cakes, etc. that raises your metabolism and makes the eater thinner and more “comely.” I think “comely” means “good looking,” at least that’s what I’ve heard.

At any rate, I’ve come to the conclusion that even though I may agree with PETA on a narrow range of views, I revile their pedantic, amoral neo-moralizing ("A pig is NOT a dog is NOT a boy"...sorry that's a false comparison) and their fact-free analysis of the natural interactions between the various species on earth, ALMOST as much as I disdain their "control freak" approach to all things animal-related.

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