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Personal Dysfunction Comes Down to CULTURE Not RACE...

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Islamic jihadism is a function of the culture of “radical Islam” whose spread was very much a bi-partisan affair. Jimmy Carter (D) helped oust the Shah of Iran (a bad guy) who was also a SECULAR and Pro-Western leader. His removal gave “radical Islam” (merely stricter adherence to Sharia law) a beachhead, a nation state within the Mideast from which to grow. George Herbert Walker Bush, or Bush Sr’s, (R) animus toward Saddam Hussein (another bad guy), who’d fought along side America in its proxy war against then Soviet-backed Iran eliminated what was by then, one of the few secular and pro-Western Arab leaders left in that region.

Both those Presidents helped spread the culture we today call “radical Islam,” which is a fundamentally religious, anti-Western culture.

But WHY is that culture so popular?

And it IS popular and has been gaining popularity in the Muslim world for decades.

It’s popular, largely because aside from advancing a traditional religious viewpoint, it also seeks to preserve the unique culture and heritage of the Arab-Muslim world in the face of what it sees as an encroaching global culture fashioned and led by “the decadent West.”

AND the West’s culture certainly has grown, not only MORE decadent, but dysfunctional over the past 50 years.

Moreover, the Arab-Muslim world, just as the Swiss, the Jews, Scandinavians, the Congolese ALL have the basic human right to defend their cultural heritages because they each have the innate basic Human Right of “SELF DETERMINATION,” the right NOT TO BE subsumed into some amorphous, nondescript global consumer class.

It is much the same here with urban black culture.

Since 1976, American blacks have committed over 50% of all murders each year, despite being just 12% of the population! America’s national Media has made icons and spokespeople of the most rabidly anti-white and often anti-American voices from that community. Our entertainment culture has presented the dysfunction of “Inner City,” or poor urban blacks as the official “black culture,” akin to presenting the worst dysfunction of rural white America as the official “White Culture.”

That SHOULD BE an outrage to both blacks and whites.

Today and for decades, homicide has been the leading cause of death for African-American males aged 16 to 36. That is NOT the case, in fact, homicide does not crack the top 5 leading causes of death for Asian-American, European-American, or Hispanic-American males!

Cities like Chicago and Washington, D.C. have the strictest gun control laws in the country...but also the highest rates of gun violence in the nation, as well...and it’s NOT because, “Career criminals can easily get guns across state lines, or in Chicago’s case, in other parts of the State and bring them back in.”

That paternalistic argument amounts to calling African-Americans “animals,” guided by impulse (instinct) not reason.

Guns are NOT abused in rural white America. They are NOT abused by hunters, target shooters, NOR by those who stockpile weaponry for home, or business defense.

Gun violence in America is almost entirely a gang problem, which is why it’s correct to say that, “America DOESN’T have a “gun problem,” it has a “gang problem,” that it steadfastly refuses to address.”

Recently, America’s national media has largely supported the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which Milwaukee Sheriff, David Clarke accurately calls the “Black LIES Matter movement (, as it is built, almost entirely on LIES.

As Heather MacDonald has noted, “The police could end all lethal uses of force tomorrow and it would have at most a trivial effect on black death-by-homicide rate.”


Primarily because black males age 14 – 17 commit homicide at 10X (that's TEN TIMES) the rate of white and Hispanic male teens COMBINED!...AND Blacks of all ages commit homicide at 8X (EIGHT TIMES) the rate of whites and Hispanics COMBINED!

Moreover, in 2015 America’s police killed 987 civilians, the vast majority of whom were threatening police with lethal force. Fully 50% of those killed by police were WHITE, while 26% of those killed by police were BLACK! As Ms. MacDonald notes, given the prevailing violent crime rates (in New York City, for instance, blacks, just 23% of the population account for 75% of all shootings, 70% of all robberies and 66% of all violent crime) would predict FAR MORE than 26% of all police victims would be black. The fact that 40% of all cop killers are black would also bolster that assessment.

It is easy, perhaps too easy to see race itself as the precipitating factor in all this, but again, this is due to our media’s making the most dysfunctional segment of black America representative of black America as a whole.

70% of all African-Americans are law-abiding, productive citizens that DON’T live the urban dysfunction that is trumpeted as “black culture.”

America’s media and entertainment industry’s lionizing urban black dysfunction ("Hip Hop culture"), in part explains why so many well-off, middle class black students gravitate toward the racial grievance industry and groups like “Black Lives Matter” that deliberately, or not, promote black dysfunction as “the norm.”

Sadly, this becomes a self-fulfilling directive, as it encourages other groups to see African-Americans as “a problem,” a group “steeped in dysfunction.”

But it is NOT blackness or whiteness that creates this is culture and “the answer” lies NOT in getting rid of culture, but in accepting the differences between cultures without rancor, envy and hatred.

Jihadism is NOT the actual predominant culture of the Arab-Muslim world, nor is black urban dysfunction the predominant culture of African-Americans, those have largely been creations of America’s national media, at the direction of their masters.

As the Cold War ended, America’s “Intelligence” community desperately sought to “find a new enemy.” They settled on “radical (jihadist) Islam.” The U.S. “Intelligence” community (which has been tied to American Industry since its inception, in effect, created Islamic jihadism, or at least incubated it and America’s media packaged and sold the new threat.

Ironically enough, BOTH “Black Urban Dysfunction” and “Islamic Jihadism” have been packaged and sold by America’s media as the predominant culture of BOTH those groups...when it clearly is NOT.

In Marcus Luttrell’s book, Lone Survivor, he credits Afghan villagers, led by Mohammad Gulab for saving his life, as they were dictated to under their centuries old moral code called “Pashtunwali,” in which they are “bound by honor” to defend anyone they take into their protection. Mohammad Gulab’s town and his family paid an awful price to the Taliban for protecting U.S. Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell.

These were average Afghanis! They didn’t subscribe to jihadism, but to their traditional culture and heritage that included their fervent belief in “Pashtunwali.” Likewise, the majority of African-Americans are not as wed to the culture of “black urban dysfunction” that’s been packaged and sold by our national media, as they are to striving to improve their lot, just like the vast majority of other Americans.

That doesn’t make the problems inherent in either Jihadism, or Black Urban Dysfunction any less real, nor any less daunting, in fact they must BOTH be confronted and replaced with more originalist and authentic cultures, but that’s made much more difficult when our own media seems aligned AGAINST any such efforts.

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