Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Paid Protesters/Rioters Make the Case FOR Trump....

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Last week, hundreds of violent anti-Trump protesters took to the streets of L.A. and attacked Trump supporters, threw rocks and bottles, smashed car windows and carried signs like, “Make America Mexico Again,” (apparently forgetting that America crushed Mexico twice in various wars back in the 19th Century).

In doing so, they amplified Trump’s charges of that group being violent and anti-American and almost certainly brought new voters to Trump’s camp.

The charge has been that many, if not most of these “protesters” were paid, even Trump alluded to “already creating jobs in America and I haven’t even been elected yet.”

The question on that payment is, “By whom?”

Is it to be blamed on the usual suspects, George Soros, Bernie Sanders, or Hillary Clinton...OR could GOPe rivals be complicit in this.

That, of course, has yet to be determined and perhaps never will be (

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