Monday, May 2, 2016

A Controversial Messenger, BUT a Message and a Warning That is All too True...



A couple of weeks ago I posted a video by another controversial figure, Clarence Mason Weaver, a former Black Panther who has since become a Conservative. Ironically enough, at least in the eyes of our national media, Clarence Weaver's conservatism is actually more "controversial" than his having been a Black Panther.

Today I post this video by an even more renowned and controversial figure, David Duke, who SHOWS, not TELLS of the dangers of multiculturalism and whom he believes is behind it.

He (or more aptly, those sources who speak here) are 100% right, at least about the nefarious agenda behind what is called "multiculturalism."

The massive immigration into Europe and America is NOT an accident. It is part of a deliberate and sinister agenda. In fact, the agenda is, "Take down Europe and the U.S. first and the other races and cultures of the world will be extinguished much, MUCH easier."

Sweden's unique and individual culture is important, so is Switzerland's, Egypt's, China's and ALL of the world's cultures. An inane attempt to meld all the people of the earth into one polyglot culture, seems horrifically misguided and motivated by misanthropy.

See for yourself...and DON'T listen, as much to the words of David Duke, but instead, to the many direct/original pro-multiculturalism sources that speak out for themselves in this video.

Now, here's where I disagree, albeit only slightly with David Duke, I don't see this as much as an "ethnic (Jewish) problem," so much as a Corporate problem. International bankers and the heads of multi-national businesses of all backgrounds ALL seem to embrace this SAME agenda, ostensibly to "Pave over the world's disparate cultures and races to create a homogeneous beige polyglot of global consumers"...BUT I can't be certain that David Duke is entirely wrong, especially given that I KNOW Aleksandr Solzenytsen's claims (that the Russian Revolution was a Jewish-led genocide against Christian, European "White" Russians) are absolutely true!

The U.S. has been a multicultural nation founded on European (British) principles (private property rights for ALL, INDIVIDUALISM and very limited government), but Switzerland, Egypt, Spain, England, China and Chad are not.

Moreover, in a multicultural world, "Zionism' truly IS "racism," as Zionism defends, not only the Jewish homeland (Israel), but the Jewish heritage and culture. In a multicultural world THAT cannot be defended. For ANY Zionist to support multiculturalism among other peoples is also inherently racist and xenophobic and MUST BE condemned.


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