Monday, May 23, 2016

Law Enforcement is, Without Question,the TOUGHEST Job....

The suspected killer, Jorge Zambrano, died in a shootout with police after blasting his way out of a closet.
Jorge Zambrano

Yesterday Massachusetts police shot and killed 35 y/o cop-killer Jorge Zambrano after Zambrano attempted to ambush pursuing police after he fled the initial scene where he'd murdered Auburn Police Officer Ronald Tarentino Jr., 42 on a quiet residential street.(

Police are called upon every day to deal with the worst of humanity, from the likes of career criminal Anthony Lopez, of the Bronx, who was arrested Saturday in connection with the death of Obiamaka Aduba, 26, of Martineau Street in Mariners Harbor, Staten Island (, or THESE guys (

None of that excuses those rare abuses of power in cases like that of San Antonio, TX Police Officer Juan Ruiz-Carrillo, recently charged with sexually assaulting a neighborhood girl nearly every week for four years, starting when she was 15. Officer Ruiz-Castillo has been called an “embarrassment to the department” by San Antonio's Police Chief ( BUT Police Departments routinely go after "bad cops." Internal Affairs Units make their livings going after Police Officers for infractions big and small.

Nor does it change the fact that Police SHOULD HAVE (1) Body Cams to go with their Dashboard Cams to collect evidence at the scene and (2) More effective non-lethal weaponry to make dealing with career thugs easier. Incidents like this one ( in which a San Francisco woman (Jessica Williams)was shot dead behind the wheel of a stolen car is the fault of the City of San Francisco. That city, like many others across the U.S. send their police out to deal with the most violent and erratic people in society with only a gun and a badge. Many of the felons they encounter respect neither.

IF we want to see a decrease in lethal interactions with Police, we NEED to start arming Law Enforcement with an array of non-lethal weaponry, from fast-acting tranquilizers to more effective (fool-proof) Tasers, etc. ANYONE resisting arrest, or challenging police should immediately be rendered unconscious, to awake "packaged for transport," either to jail, or the Psych Center.

The people who suffer the most are the law-abiding people who live in areas like South Chicago and Baltimore when Law Enforcement is reined in. Just ask 22 y/o age Lee McCullum, or any of the hundredsd of new murder victims in Baltimore amidst that city's record homicide rate over the past 18 months.

Mr. McCullum was featured in a 2014 episode of “Chicagoland" that focused in part on his desire to leave the high-crime Roseland neighborhood and go to college. Although he'd previously had gang affiliations, he was able to apparently leave that lifestyle and was eventually named to the honor roll and crowned prom king at his high school.

Lee McCullum was found dead early Thursday morning, May 12th with a gunshot wound to the head in the neighborhood just south of Roseland, according to the Chicago Police Department. (

Ironically enough, Lee McCullum's death comes only weeks after the murder of his girlfriend, 23 y/o Tiara Parks who was killed this past April 23rd.

One of the inane tenets of modern "Progressivism" is that "Evil does not exist," and that violent crime is merely the result of people dealing with stifling frustrations and pressures.

THAT, of course, is NOT true. Violent crime is almost never about "opportunity," nor committed out of "need." The vast and overwhelming amount of violence is perpetrated by people who see themselves as powerless and insignificant seeking some power and control over others...and YES, that is EVIL.

AND that's what Law Enforcement has to deal with EVERY DAY!

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