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I AM a Zionist...OR David Duke, Khalid Muhammad, Judaism and Me...

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I AM a true Zionist in that I believe in the sovereignty and protection of the state of Israel and the preservation of the Jewish people and the Jewish heritage.

That is also why I am also vehemently ANTI-multiculturalist. I believe in the preservation of the Swiss, German, Egyptian, French, Chinese and Congolese cultures as well...AND I believe in the sovereignty and protection of Switzerland, China, France, Sweden, the Congo, etc..

To be BOTH a Zionist and a multiculturalist is to be a vile racist. That much is obviously self-evident. It is no different than being FOR the preservation of Swiss culture, while supporting multiculturalism for everyone else.

I am positive that Nobel Prize winner, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s claims that the Bolshevik Revolution was (1) Jewish-led and (2) the largest Holocaust (slaughter of innocents) ever in the history of mankind.

To me that only proves that (1) we ALL suffer the SAME horrific human nature (there are no “good guys”) and (2) every group has its atrocities to atone for.

The fact that Solzhenitsyn was effectively blacked out in America by its media after he turned to telling the truth about Russian Bolshevism and the fact that the U.S. media IS heavily influenced by American Jews, does not help in arguing against those who’d blame that single group for so many of the world’s ills. In short, “It does NOT help.”

Beyond that, I must acknowledge that personally, I think the “blame the Jews” for all the ills of the modern world is short-sighted and misguided. They are, in general, probably as blame-worthy as any other group, no more, no less.

Maybe the truth is just too terrible to face, but the truth is that Jews are NOT the bulk of the international bankers, they are not guiding the bulk of the world’s multi-national Corporations. Over 80% of the world’s bankers and multi-national CEOs are non-Jews. It’s the SAME kinds of people who determine the costs of settling up with the families of dead accident victims relative to a massive recall and come to a deliberated conclusion that, “It’s cheaper to let 60 innocent people die to faulty parts then do an immediate recall,” that have decided that nationalism, cultural and racial/ethnic pride “divide people up and generate interpersonal conflict,” and “lead to wars,” so paving over our disparate world through multiculturalism is the way to go.

I doubt there’s an idea more na├»ve and dumb than that.

Humans remain tribal beings. We divide ourselves up constantly and constantly find new ways to divide ourselves up when older ones fail. In the Fire Dept. When 6 different Units are on scene from 3 different firehouses, it’s firehouse against firehouse, when only one Company is left on scene, it’s Engine vs Ladder. We divide ourselves up ALL the time. It’s’s a part of our human DNA.

BUT, it’s NOT such divisions and differing cultures that create hostilities between groups, its intolerance, the kind of intolerance in which a person of Swiss descent supports Swiss culture and identity, but the multiculturalism melding together of everyone else, or the person of Jewish descent supporting Jewish identity and culture, but multicultural melding for everyone else. BOTH of those are prime examples of racist, xenophobic ethnic intolerance...and it is THAT that causes hostilities between peoples and wars.

BUT the fact remains that it is NOT merely one group that supports the current worldview, even though Jewish people are often among the most involved “Social Justice” issues, such as Barbara Lerner who founded Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies and has called for the eradication of Christian (White) European ethnic societies in pushing for multiculturalism throughout Europe...though NOT in Israel (

That’s a problem in that the racist actions of a few members of a group can taint an entire group. Still, the Jews are NOT alone, the Irish are also rife with many “Social Justice Warriors” and avowed globalist socialists.

Yes, much of that seems to spring from the abused pasts of such people, in much the same way that far-Left views seem to predominate among those with extremely unhappy, even traumatic and abusive childhoods.

I wish I could sympathize, but I CANNOT sympathize with “victims” who go on to become victimizers/predators themselves.

So, I am today a Nationalist and a Culturalist, or Zionist in that I believe in the sovereignty and protection of the state of Israel and the preservation of the Jewish people and the Jewish heritage, as much as I believe in preservation of the Swiss, German, Egyptian, French, Chinese and Congolese cultures as well. Anyone who supports multiculturalism for others and NOT their own group is a vile and dangerous xenophobic racist.

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