Saturday, May 7, 2016

George Will’s Insipid Meltdown....

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George Will

George Will is an odious, bilious, snot-nosed coward who LOVES being a butt-boy for the GOPe! There, I’ve spoken it...the sad, unvarnished TRUTH.

Recently he’s had to take on Charles Krauthammer for undisputed control of that position ("Butt-boy for the GOPe"), but he’s finally won.

You GO Georgie!

You see, Krauthammer has merely MOSTLY attacked the excesses of Donald Trump and his general “unfitness” for public office, George Will has gone beyond that in attacking those voters who prefer ANYONE other than the likes of John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham and the other GOPe managers who’ve laughingly sold out America and spent every effort shutting down Tea Party voters, the SAME way the Democratic establishment has used the likes of Jesse Jackson and others to enrich themselves, while shutting down the real voting voice of black America.

This should serve to make clear that the “establishment” of BOTH major Parties exists to “manage” the alleged “reckless nature of the voters.” In other words, to stifle democracy.

Will’s arrogant 4/29/16 column was titled, “If Trump is Nominated, the GOP Must Keep Him out of the White House.”

TRANSLATION: Yeah, if these dopey voters elect a real outsider who might expose the fact that BOTH Parties have long been controlled by a coalition of multi-national corporations and international bankers and BOTH Party’s “establishments” offer about as much difference and distinction as Coke and Pepsi, then “We,” the “sovereign political Party” must correct such “abuses of democracy.”

In George Will-speak that’s put, A convention’s sovereign duty is to choose a plausible nominee who has a reasonable chance to win, not to passively affirm the will of a mere plurality of voters recorded episodically in a protracted process.” (

In real-speak, that means, “It doesn’t matter who the people vote for, their votes DON’T count. We (the Party) will decide.” What an arrogant asshole!

The Democrats have done the same thing, but with less mess, by using their “Super-delegates.”

Sadly, for them, George Will, Charles Krauthammer and the rest of the “establishment Republican media” have already failed.

They were tasked with just ONE simple thing; to get those Tea Party Conservatives and whacky religious nuts back on the GOP plantation...and they’ve thoroughly “shit the bed” on that score.

What use are these guys if they can’t even sway “the rubes” (that’s us, folks)? Seriously, WHY keep such ineffective incompetents on payroll if they can’t even do their jobs?

THAT very prospect is exactly what’s enraged the likes of Will and Krauthammer.

I get it, BOTH Will’s and Krauthammer’s columns have become increasingly bitter and angry at the “GOP base,” because their rank incompetence has been exposed for all to see. They couldn’t even keep their own “kindred folks” from going off the rails to vote for Trump! THAT’S an EPIC FAIL! It doesn’t matter whether the Boehner’s, Graham’s and McConnell’s brought all this on the GOP, the Will’s and Krauthammer’s were SUPPOSED to be able to clean up such messes.

Here’s the thing George, IF you’re masters are really going to steal the nomination from Trump and piss on the voters, that’s generally the kind of thing that reasonable, rational people...keep secret.

Uhhh, why?

Well, one reason is that it’s “bad form” old boy to tell someone you’re about to rob, scam, or mug them. That’s why muggers generally go out of their way NOT to announce, “I’m gonna kick your ass and take all your money asshole!”

WHY not?!

Because such warnings don’t help the mugger at all and only allow the intended victim time to prepare to defend themselves. Some intended vics may carry weapons.

So, apparently George Will is even dumber than a common street thug!

No wonder he’s been so ineffective in combating this “Trump insurgency!”

Looks like George Will has outlived whatever usefulness he may have had. I only hope his bosses aren’t as blithely incompetent as he seems to be.

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