Monday, May 2, 2016

Consider THIS Dynamic....

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Jeb Bush - The Face of the GOPe

Ted Cruz is a "Renegade Conservative." A Tea Party Senator from Texas who is reviled by fellow Senators from BOTH Parties. The odious Lindsay Graham recently joked about no one being able to convict a person for murdering Ted Cruz on the Senate floor.

BUT Senator Cruz is at least...."one of them."

Ted Cruz can at least be counted on to keep the secret and illicit deals between Republicans and Democrats quiet...keep the American people from peaking "behind the curtain."

Trump can't be trusted to do that! He's a real wild card and for that reason, a HUGE political liability for BOTH Party's establishments.

Trump, as much as he's used the political system, is NOT a part of it...and they fear that. They KNOW that any outsider COULD expose and bring down this rigged government's excesses.

THAT'S the reason...the ONLY reason that Jeb Bush supports Ted Cruz! (

THAT should say it all about the GOPe.

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