Monday, May 23, 2016

Baltimore, Like Detroit is Doomed

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Detroit, 2015

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Baltimore, 2015

Baltimore was a great city, not all that long ago. It was both prosperous and productive.

That was due, mostly, to demographics. Sad to say, Baltimore's, like Detroit's workforces left those cities along with most of the jobs they did.

That left a huge economic void. No one left to "foot the bill." Local services and social programs can't be funded when their aren't enough taxpayers around to fund them.

In the wake of today's acquittal (on all charges) of Officer Edward Nero, Baltimore's hapless Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake issued the following statement, "Today Judge Barry G. Williams found Officer Edward Nero not guilty of all criminal charges. This is our American system of justice and police officers must be afforded the same justice system as every other citizen in this city, state, and country. Now that the criminal case has come to an end, Officer Nero will face an administrative review by the Police Department. We once again ask the citizens to be patient and to allow the entire process to come to a conclusion. In the case of any disturbance in the city, we are prepared to respond. We will protect our neighborhoods, our businesses and the people of our city.” (

Sad to say, whether she's incompetent, or not, Ms. Blake can do little to nothing to improve Baltimore. The jobs aren't coming back, because there is no longer a viable workforce that could do them. We no longer have an economy in which large numbers of low-skill factory jobs could support families. Today's more high tech economy requires greater skills and as they say, "You can't get silk from a sow's ear."

Short of Baltimore becoming a predominantly Asian city, there's little hope for an economic revitalization while maintaining a majority "minority population."

In other words, short of a massive demographic change cities like Baltimore and Detroit are doomed to remaining exactly what they are right now...which are dysfunctional enclaves of misery.

THAT is a terrible and terrifying reality.

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