Monday, April 4, 2016

WHO Are We...Now-a-Days???

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Way back in 1514, an ancient ancestor of mine, from my Mother’s side, part of the then fledgling Austro-Hungarian Empire, a man named István Báthory or Stephen VIII Báthory helped a fellow Hungarian landowner John Zápolya put down a peasant revolt, led by another man named György Dózsa, whom a group of Hungarian nobles had hired to conscript a peasant Army to fight the Islamists (mostly Turks, at the time) who’d been conducting raids of Hungarian border villages and capturing young women to be used as slaves.

Well, Gyorgy was an ambitious fellow and quickly realized that his peasant Army hated the wealthy, land-owning, nobles even more than they reviled the Turks, so Gyorgy decided to go for the Hungarian crown...and THEN fight the Turks.

Since that was NOT part of their original deal, the nobles took great and distinct objection to Dozsa’s scheme and hired the aforementioned Zápolya and Báthory to return forthwith with Hungary’s standard Army and put down Dozsa’s rebellion...which, they did.

In the aftermath, in order to make a grisly spectacle of those who’d revolt against the crown, György Dózsa was given a “tortuous coronation” in which Dozsa was condemned to sit on a scaldingly hot iron throne with a furnace-heated iron crown around his head and a sceptre of molten metal in his hand (mocking at his ambition to be king).

While he was suffering in this way, a procession of nine fellow rebels, who’d been starved beforehand, were led to this “throne.” In the lead was Dózsa's younger brother, Gergely, who was cut in three despite Dózsa asking for Gergely to be spared.

Next, executioners removed hot pliers from fire and forced them into Dózsa's well-cooked skin. After pulling flesh from him, the remaining rebels were ordered to bite where the hot iron had been inserted and to swallow the flesh. Those who refused, about three or four, were simply cut up which prompted the remaining rebels to do as commanded. In the end, Dózsa died on the throne of iron from the damage that was inflicted while the rebels who obeyed were let go without further harm.

The revolt was repressed but ultimately some 70,000 peasants, many of whom continued the revolt after Dozsa’s death, were tortured. György's execution, and the brutal suppression of the peasants, greatly aided the 1526 Ottoman Invasion as the Hungarians were no longer a unified people.

So, the torture, although quite the spectacle and, as they say in the Advertising Biz, “Fun for the whole family,” was an epic fail.

My ancient ancestor? Well, it took the patient peasant rebels some 20 years but in 1534, they set fire to a path he and a small security force were traveling along, panicking their horses, allowing the peasant warriors to hack them pretty much to pieces. That death hastened that side of the family's move across Europe to the West, eventually settling in Northern Italy and Corsica.

I guess all’s well that ended well back then...and you know what, I have NOTHING but admiration for the peasants who hacked up old István Báthory. Hell, he had at least that much coming to him for thinking up that sadistic stuff.

ANYWAY, THAT’S what Europeans were once like. NOT at all like their meek, mealey-mouthed

Looking over the rapes in Germany and the attacks on Brussels recently, it seems well past time that Europe once again find its fangs and go 50 shades of Vlad the Impaler on these modern-day invaders.

At any rate, I bring you that garish bit of torture history, NOT to reminisce, but in response to THIS (…/ &…/army-cadets-on-campus-forced-to-wear…/).

Someone, in OUR government came up with this plan to humiliate our Military personnel over a bogus and fully debunked “Military rape culture.”

Now, I don’t know who is ultimately responsible for this treasonous act, whether it’s someone on the Joints-Chiefs-of-Staff, or the Commander-in-Chief...doesn’t matter at all, WHO it is, but the primary person responsible absolutely DESERVES the György Dózsa treatment, AND anyone else involved in ANY capacity whatsoever, should be forced to consume their charred flesh...or die, the same choice Dozsa's co-conspirators were given.

Seriously, Military Coups have occurred over far LESS egregious slights than this.

Now look, since I have some acknowledged family expertise in the matter, I am willing, should the opportunity arise to follow through for any interested party(ies). I am NOT at all squeamish and yet, I WOULD NOT take any pleasure in inflicting such a horrific sentence on anyone, in fact, I’d fully expect a death similar to that of old István Báthory, even if it took another 20 years for them to carry it’s hoping it would. In my case, I’d be over 80!

I would carry through that duty, on whomever was found the primarily responsible party, male or female, but I would expect “a little something extra in my envelope,” for going above and beyond and all that...BUT barring such brutality, that seems so utterly inconsistent with today's America, ALL those involved in this decision at EVERY level should, at the least, be spending some serious time in a Military Brigg...and the more culpable (the HIGHER up) the greater should be the time served.

Seriously, I know I’m all too often waaaaay outside the mainstream but of the two atrocities mentioned, I find the humiliation of our Military personnel far more egregious and offensive to my spirit than what was done to the unfortunate Hungarian revolutionary, György Dózsa.
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