Monday, April 4, 2016

WAY Too Little....FAR Too LATE!

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EU Deporting Migrants to Turkey

NOW, the EU is finally closing its borders. Now they are sending those arriving on rafts and dingys...back "home." ALL of the recent refugees (mainly Military aged males) SHOULD'VE BEEN taken in by another Islamic nation...say, Saudi Arabia.

THAT is an admission that MULTICULTURALISM has FAILED.

Unfortunately multiculturalism crashed upon the shores of the moral fault-line between liberal Western morality and the much harsher, even Medieval Sharia moral code.

Given that admission, this move is NOT nearly enough. The Islamists who've resided in Europe MUST BE expelled. The British, German and other EU leaders who protected the jihadists and punished Europeans who've spoken out about such atrocities and against this Islamic invasion MUST BE swept aside and held accountable (punished) for those acts with criminal penalties. No, there is absolutely NO DEAL that can be worked out to save Merkel and other leaders from such a prosecution.

Europe's Right can accept nothing less than unconditional surrender from the Europe's Left and its Corporate allies. They've failed badly and must accept and admit that.

THIS is how badly Europe has failed...and their failure has exposed the failure of Multiculturalism (

The Western media is so dumb, so populated by Arts & Humanities majors, people who don’t know how to do Differential Equations (ALL logic and structure comes down to “Diffy Qs”) that they don’t even understand the simplest economic terms. They inanely call Sweden “socialist,” and the USA “Capitalist,” when in FACT, BOTH are Corporatist. BOTH of those countries have market-based economies with ALL Corporations privately owned, both are highly regulated, highly taxes, with the major difference between the two being Sweden’s slightly more generous welfare/social safety net system. When dealing with people who don’t even get the simplest ideas, like those, how can anything else they offer, be trusted?

What we’ve witnessed in 2015/2016 is the abject FAILURE of Multiculturalism. It’s failed completely in Europe, as proven by the rapes in Germany and Sweden, the attacks in Paris & Brussels have proven that we can’t merge people from 2 distinctly different moral codes, the West’s soft, liberal moral code and Sharia’s harsher more Medieval moral code.

Beyond that groups are simply NOT interchangeable. Absent the PEOPLES of Northern Europe mankind would not yet have had an Industrial Revolution. Groups of people are simply NOT interchangeable. That doesn't necessarily make one better, or worse, but different groups/ethnicities have differing strengths and weaknesses.

The failure of multiculturalism in Europe is a seismic event that is STILL ongoing. We will see once respected politicians, like Merkel in Germany tried and punished for various “crimes.” THAT is what’s coming an avalanche.

What this year's Primary Season has done is to uncover how UN-democratic the processes within BOTH major Parties are. The Dems with their rigged "Super-Delegates" game and the even more duplicitous GOPe looking to change the rules in mid-contest because they don't like the likely outcome.

The dolts within the GOPe think Trump is their biggest problem....NOT even CLOSE!

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