Saturday, April 16, 2016

TOP 5 at VERIZON Split Nearly $250 MILLION...WHY?!

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CWA Workers on strike against Verizon

This appears to be America's dilemma...overcompensation at the top with subpar compensation for the workers. (

There's a VERY easy fix.

NOT more government programs....but LESS.

HOWEVER, MORE government oversight and control over how the profits at publicly traded companies are spit. Such publicly traded entities exist solely at the behest of the people...and their government.

It is only right and just that those profits should be split along the lines of 85/15, 90/10, with the 10% - 15% going to the Execs.

Of that $235 MILLION pot, at least $200 MILLION of it SHOULD go to the employees/workers in the form of compensation and retirement benefits.

Government programs don't help many Americans, a nation in which less than 15% of the population is "poor." NO, the compensation of a given company should be split between WORKERS, INVESTORS, with what's left over 5% or so to executive compensation. I mean what are the Executives going to do, when ALL company profits are so regulated? Will they really scoff at $5 MILLION to $10 MILLION per year?

ALL of the profits of such publicly traded companies SHOULD be micromanaged by government...through the courts if need be, with STRICT guidelines on the "approved profit split."

Many Corporate heads have agreed that "significant overcompensation of executives has hurt the workers and the company's day-to-day operations."

What if an executive group is able to greatly increase profits by using H-1B Visa workers and automation?

Then it stands to reason that the bulk of those "savings" be passed onto CONSUMERS, then to share holders. Executives should NOT have their compensation linked to paring the workforce. Its counterproductive and leads to the Executives operating at cross purposes to the health and welfare of the company.

Beyond that, H-1B Visas SHOULD be gradually eliminated. PAY to educate American workers and retrain the American workforce.

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