Saturday, April 16, 2016


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Germany's Anti-German Chancellor, Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel is doing exactly what her multi-national Corporate & International Banker bosses have paid her (as political managers) to do ( Those who think governments control Corporations and that the people elect their governments are woefully naive.

The multi-national corporations and international banks OWN IT ALL. In the USA both major Parties are fully Corporately owned entities. You vote for A or B...flip sides of the SAME coin. 2016 was "supposed to have been" Jeb vs Hillary (Coke vs Pepsi)...same difference, which is no difference at all.

Sanders and Trump are a gauge to see how sick of the status quo most people AWAKE most people are.

Government managers don't dictate to big banks and corporations, the "political class" is given their marching orders from their Corporate "SENIOR Partners."

The end game of MULTICULTURALISM is exactly what Europe is seeing right now. To the naive it looks like "the destruction of Christian Europe," or "the eradication of White Europe" ( when in fact the end game of MULTICULTURALISM is the eradication of ALL existing races and cultures, so that the world becomes a uniformed polyglot with NONE of the disparate cultures and belief systems we see today. A homogeneous CONSUMER class for these multi-nationals.

Make NO mistake, when these "well-meaning" globalists eradicate YOUR race and YOUR culture, they eradicate YOUR heritage...they are, in effect, eradicating the REAL YOU!

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