Sunday, April 3, 2016

Is the GOPe DUMB or Just Unimaginative?

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2nd Verse SAME as the 1st? Could it be Romney/Ryan in 2016

Early on...VERY early on it became aware to virtually everyone except "Republican Insiders" that Donald Trump, as their front-runner, was making HIS message, THEIR message.

I think they got that, but DIDN'T much like it very much, BUT the truth is, Trump's message IS a very Republican message...oddly enough, ESPECIALLY the non-Conservative parts.

Trump has said that our wages are too high, in order to compete with the rest of the world.

Well, that's ONLY true in a free trade/ FAIR trade environment.

Even Donald Trump's anti-ILLEGAL immigration message that resonates so well with so many Americans across the political spectrum, is rooted in ILLEGAL immigrant violent crime, NOT ILLEGAL immigration and H-1B Visas as the wage suppressors that they are.

YES, Donald Trump was extremely clumsy in dealing with the odious Chris Matthews on abortion, allowing that lout to bait him into a position he would come to regret in short order.

THAT exchange doesn't prove Chris Matthews smart (he isn't), just a little more media-savvy then Trump. Yeas, even an idiot can garner more experience.

That exchange DID, however, show a very real chink in the Trump Armour. Trump's been pro-choice his entire WHY change NOW? It's NOT going to help him with "Evangelicals," which aren't a very large voting block in the national election anyway.

Abortion, like ILLEGAL immigration is an economic issue. Poor women use abortion services from places like Planned Parenthood for a VERY GOOD reason; to AVOID being mired in poverty.

One of the primary indicators of poverty is having children out-of-wedlock...WITHOUT support. This obsession with abortion, mostly on the part of hyper-religious folks has a very real price for poor women. Children born into generational poverty are far more likely to brought up in dysfunctional, abusive and neglectful homes, greatly diminishing their chances at forging a better life.

The PRIMARY question isn't whether abortion is right, or wrong, but which is worse, an aborted fetus, or an abused and neglected child who comes to live a pathetic meaningless life?

Sadly, Donald Trump deserved better prep for the Chris Matthews interview and a better view on the subject of abortion. In fact, he should've just sidestepped that issue and forced the discussion onto his strength, economic issues.

STILL, as unsavvy as Donald Trump may have been, the GOPe has appeared positively a stultifyingly DUMB!

Yes, they've been unhappy with Trump! They're also extremely unhappy with Cruz.

Cruz is such a tool, that he doesn't even realize that his GOPe "backers" (the Bush's & Graham's, etc.) would all want BOTH he and Trump OUT! But the GOPe can't get out of their own way.

Just as the McConnell/Ryan alliance inanely tipped their hand by publicly announcing they'd "NEVER consider an Obama nominee for Scalia's seat," (a horrifically DUMB move), they've also tipped their hand over their plans to sabotage the 2016 Convention.

Do they think that's showing people how "smart" they are?

It's NOT just not's insane!

Now even the Cruz campaign has seen the writing on the wall, as the GOPe machers look for ways around the 8 State minimum put in back in 2012. Their latest scheme is claiming that was, "ONLY for 2012." Now even the doltish Cruz crew have figured out...."Hey! They're looking for someone else...BEYOND Donald and I."

WHY does the GOPe continue to make asses out of themselves?

MAYBE this Party SHOULD implode...and a new blue-collar Conservative one take its place.

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