Friday, April 22, 2016

I CAN'T Help Seeing This as a Deliberate Ambush Murder....

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Recognizing my own innate biases (I've been a Firefighter for over 30 years), I have to acknowledge that, "I COULD BE wrong," in fact, I HOPE I am, BUT I find it VERY hard to believe that an unresponsive individual suddenly "woke up" while firefighters and paramedics were making entry to check on that person's welfare/well-being and then decided to shoot the "intruders."

For one thing, it's reckless endangerment (a felony) to shoot at what you don't see. In this case that would be ratcheted up to "Criminally Negligent Homicide," given that one of the firefighters (John Ulmschneider) died as a result of the shooting.

I BELIEVE strongly in every individual's right to "violent self defense" and in the sanctity of private property," BUT we've all agreed to certain exceptions, as when an emergency call is made for help from an address, the person is unresponsive at the time of arrival...that crew MUST gain entry to check on the status of the individual.

That individual COULD be suffering from some incapacitating, life-threatening condition. Such reckless actions, in this case, either the resident KNEW they were emergency personnel and intentionally murdered them, OR didn't know who was making entry and shot blindly (criminally NEGLIGENT homicide) amount to criminal actions.

In any case, John Ulmschneider's shooting death amounts to a criminal homicide.

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