Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fired for Expressing Sympathy for the Victims of Black-on-Black Violence

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Wendy Bell of WTAE

On March 30th, 2016, News Anchor Wendy Bell was fired for a Facebook post over what's been called "The Wilkinsburg Shootings," in which 4 women, 1 man and an unborn child were murdered by gunmen, which read in part, “You needn’t be a criminal profiler to draw a mental sketch of the killers who broke so many hearts two weeks ago Wednesday... they are young black men, likely in their teens or early 20s.

Not only is her assessment almost certainly true, the Pittsburgh Police have mentioned one primary "person of interest" in Sharone Shelton, (…/da-confident-arrests-are-on-…/38795758) who pretty much would fit that bill.

BUT the truth can apparently STILL BE "politically incorrect" and worse yet, a "firing offense."

The problem with that is the MORE we ignore this issue and the LESS it's spoken about openly, the more innocent lives are lost. Wendy Bell TRIED to do a service, by caring (apparently too much) about the plight of those people caught up in such neighborhoods...and was fired for doing so. Apparently her "News station" cares more about "political correctness" than about the lives of people living in poorer urban neighborhoods.

Her station WTAE has since been flooded with angry callers, supporting Wendy Bell's right to "free speech." Two Facebook pages have been set up in her defense (…/wendy-bell-wtae-pittsburgh-news-anchor-…/).

THIS is the sad state of affairs in America in 2016...and there are STILL people so insular as to wonder why a brash talking, politically INCORRECT candidate is garnering more votes, in this Primary Season, than ANY other candidate!

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