Thursday, March 3, 2016

Yikes! Turns Out That David Duke Really HASN'T Endorsed Donald Trump!

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In a video from his own website below David Duke makes clear that he has never endorsed Donald Trump (…/) where did this come from?

It DID NOT come from CNN on-air personalities like Jake Tapper, nor even the suits at CNN....NOR did it come from those dopes over at the ADL! They too are Corporately controlled and managed.

No, this is yet another example of their Corporate masters giving marching orders to their media lackeys.

It goes like feces literally running down hill. First some nebulous Corporatists in the offices of GE, Goldman-Sachs, GM, etc. come up with an accepted worldview.

That worldview or "vision" is passed onto the heads of the major networks, who are also Corporate leaders. They impress this "vision" onto the program directors and decision-makers at places like CNN...and finally that "vision" is regurgitated by the on-air "talent."

America's national news media (ALL of it) is a sham. It's prepackaged, highly filtered "news candy," fluff...much of it inane and much of the "vision" presented skewed entirely by the whims and dictates of various Corporations.

THIS is why I've always laughed at people who deride others as "fascists."

To paraphrase the late Richard Nixon, "We're all fascists, at least Corporatists (the economic system of fascism) now." And Corporatism and our multi-national Corporations HAVE delivered, not only the products we all use and even depend upon, but they'be also delivered increasing prosperity without the booms and busts of the Free Market. Corporatism, like all human constructs, has been abused, but it is not, in and of itself evil.

But, hey, what can you expect from such English majors who don't even understand what "socialism" actually is.

HINT: Sweden is NOT a "socialist" country...NEVER has been. It too is Corporatist! Ericsson, Volvo, Skype, AstraZeneca to name but a few, are all privately held, publicly traded Swedish Corporations. Sweden, like the USA, England and Japan has a Corporatist economy...with a slightly more generous welfare state than here in the U.S.

Socialism DOESN'T have privately held Corporations because socialism bars the private ownership of property. Under a truly socialist system, the state, or government would own and manage those Corporations under what is called a "Command Economy."

You know why socialism NEVER works?

Because the Command Economy DOESN'T work...anywhere, anytime...EVER.

At any rate, someone...NOT at CNN and certainly NOT at the headquarters of the ADL either...probably in the corporate suites of Goldman-Sachs, or GE, etc. must watch a LOT of David Duke's stuff. (I can guess, it'll be the, "It's my job" excuse). Worse still they've engaged in either willfully LYING to the American people through their corporately owned media, OR (and this is certainly possible) maybe they honestly didn't understand the words, "I've said clearly at every place I've been that I AM NOT endorsing Donald Trump."

That might be hard for someone in the offices at Goldman-Sachs or GE to follow...I could see that.

Now, I hope you see all this a little clearer too.

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