Saturday, March 5, 2016


Mike Nolan

The suspects in Mike Nolan's murder

I hate to harp on this, but I'm going to continue harping on it until the media changes its ways.

I'm not holding my breath.

A recent story from Yonkers has made national headlines because a promising Oakland A's pitching prospect was gunned down recently in that city.

The picture on the left, of Mike Nolan (Oakland A's pitching prospect) is the ONLY one the national media used to front that story. (…/4-arrested-yonkers-slaying-oak…)

The one on the right with the four perpetrators is the one that the local Yonkers affiliate used with that story (…/nashaun-hunter-darren-dawso…)

Hmmmm....see any difference?

Well, I guess it's that in the local media, the four killers are highlighted. After all, it IS a murder case, while in the National media, ONLY a photo of the victim is used...not even a link to a photo of the four killers.

Hiding something?

Wait! You mean the national media is actually hiding the ethnicity of the killers!

WHY would they do a thing like that?

I mean that would be dishonest, right?!

It IS dishonest. AND it's NOT their idea. Again, this is part of the "vision" handed down to a corporate media by its masters in the Corporate Suites.

The FACT that blacks commit over 50% of the homicides in America and have, since 1976, is to be overlooked. Black racial bigotry against Asians, Hispanics and to be least for now.

The corporate affiliate, "Black Lives Matter" is currently "THE Agenda of Choice" for America's CEOs.

Those are the FACTS.

I can't see a better way to make them any clearer.

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