Tuesday, March 15, 2016

WoW! The National Media Shows the Faces of Three Cop Killers....Oh Wait...the Cop is Black Too!

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MD Police Officer Jacai Colson

Even though it's taken days, the National Media has FINALLY released the profiles of the three brothers who shot at Maryland Police yesterday (Monday March 14th). http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/suspects-fatal-shooting-maryland-brothers-article-1.2563589

Of course, the Police officer killed (Jacai Colson, 28 y/o, was killed by "friendly fire"...an assessment that always worries me) was also black, so the national media's unspoken rule of NEVER showing the profiles of inter-racial murders UNLESS their white, is in tact.

Hey! That IS what it is, but it's VITAL to be aware of that. It's NOT mere "media bias," nor can it be chalked up to "Ideological Bias" either, this is a deliberate and gross distortion of the reporting on crime in America. That's what it is.

Anyway, it's a horrific tragedy that Officer Jacai Colson was killed in this incident allegedly triggered by 22 y/o Michael DeAndre Ford, who was going to have his two brothers, Malik Ford (21) and Elijah Ford, (18) filming him firing on civilians and police, according to reports from the Prince George's County Police Department.

It is even MORE tragic that Officer Colson was killed by "friendly fire" in that incident, although the three Ford brothers can STILL be held legally responsible for Officer Colson's murder, as they initiated the incident.

AND if you think that I'm at all wrong in my assessment of how our national media distorts its crime reporting, on the SAME day, in that SAME media organ, a white inter-racial killer was profiled immediately (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/milwaukee-man-kills-neighbors-bigoted-comment-article-1.2564489).

Murder suspect Dan Popp SHOULD BE profiled, as SHOULD anyone engaged in ANY murder, especially inter-racial murders, since perpetrators ALWAYS go out of their way when seeking victims of another race. BOTH Law Enforcement and the national media tacitly (albeit silently) agree that “ALL inter-racial crimes tend to be hate crimes.”

So again, what’s the rationale behind the national media’s distorted reporting on inter-racial violence? WHY aren’t ALL violent crimes reported as accurately as Daniel Popp’s alleged killing spree?

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