Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WoW! It's True, IT'S TRUE...The Easter Bunny Really Does Hate US!

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The Infamous "Easter Bunny Brawl"

Just as this YouTube video says, "One day a year the Easter Bunny gives out candy...the other 364 days...he's kicking ass!

You gooooo boyeeee!

I got ya jelly beans....RIGHT HERE!
ADDENDUM: Video apparently shows shopper hitting the Easter Bunny first...apparently dopey DIDN'T see the above video! The Easter Bunny REALLY DOES kick ass! Apparently he "LOVES Bruce Lee" and "HATES us."
ADDENDUM II: reports: "One day after charges were filed against two men involved in the now infamous Easter Bunny brawl at Newport Centre mall, their girlfriends continued the spat by throwing verbal haymakers after court today." (…/huge_rabbit_head_protected_brawling_eas…)

"The EASTER BUNNY Brawl" THAT'S top notch journalism, right there. Pithy, catchy, memorable...brings the essence of the story home in a very declarative way. See, I would've probably went with something lame, like, "Cat Fight Over Bunny Rabbit," or something like that, because the "girlfriends" joined in the festivities later on.

Buried inside the story, however, is the fact that the father involved, Juan Jimenez-Guerrero, has 12 prior arrests in New Jersey, 4 of them, disorderly conduct convictions & 1 unspecified "criminal conviction."

(Isn't "disorderly conduct" a "crime" anymore? Just asking...)

He also has 8 prior arrests in New York, where he's wanted on a fugitive from justice warrant (ergo his bashing an Easter Bunny in...NEW JERSEY). His bail was set at $25,000 with a 10 percent cash option, so he could walk out by putting up $2,500, DESPITE having an outstanding criminal warrant from New York!

So this guy isn't only NOT "father of the year," he's a poster child for our lax criminal justice system!

I mean 20 arrests...and STILL out after skipping out on a warrant....a "Fugitive From Justice" warrant, no less (that IS SERIOUS, isn't it?)...all of that kind of makes a mockery of what we call "Criminal Justice," doesn't it?

The saddest part of the story however, is about the forgotten man...NO, not the Easter Bunny, the guy who PLAYED the Easter Bunny, 22 y/o Kassim Charles. His girlfriend had to explain why Kassim, a/k/a "Bunny Rabbit" wasn't able to fight so effectively:
(1) that big bunny head that you can barely see out of

(2) those soft bunny mittens that make throwing a real effective punch near impossible

and (3) all that candy and candy wrappers around him that made it hard to get his footing down.

I think Bunny Rabbit wants a rematch and I'm putting my $$$ on Kassim Charles.

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