Thursday, March 3, 2016

What's an Election, But a Beauty Contest Absent a Talent Portion?

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Seriously, what IS an election, other than a Beauty Pageant without a talent portion?

Seriously, WHAT have most successful "career politicians" ever done to ACHIEVE anything...other than win a few popularity contests?

That's why, for me, Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump were ALL among the better choices over any career political politicians - they've all actually DONE THINGS.

Look, it appears that ANYONE can run a government. After all we've elected the likes of Carolyn McCarthy (whose sole claim to fitness for office was her being an LIRR widow)...and all these folks (…/List_of_American_federal_politic…).

Without question there are many decent politicians. There'very also been many poor ones and one of the reasons for that our political system has been dominated by lawyer/legislators with a HUGE and innate conflict of interest.

Politics is the ONE area in which there are absolutely no qualifications needed, no basic standards enforced. In fact, we've conveniently ignored (at our own peril) Alexander Hamilton's prescient exhortation that, "There is no great conflict of interest than that of the lawyer/legislator."

So, it's refreshing to see some people running for office, who've actually done some things that weren't connected with government and political connections.

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