Monday, March 14, 2016

What Was So WRONG With CNN’s Interview of Thomas DiMassimo?

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Thomas DiMassimo

Well, to start with, what’s WRONG about it is what’s wrong with just about everything concerning our corrupt, Corporate national media. In THIS case, it starts at the beginning, with Martin Savidge describing Thomas DiMassimo as, “A college student...he’s bright, he seems intelligent, but he’s also VERY politically active.” (

Think about this for a second, Thomas DiMassimo is a far-Left zealot, a child actor, a paid/professional protester, as well as a self-proclaimed “socialist,” who like most Americans (ESPECIALLY those in the national media) doesn’t understand what socialism actually is (so much for “bright” and “intelligent”) and he DIDN’T “protest,” he violently attacked the stage and had to be restrained by law enforcement. HE fought with law enforcement. HE forced them to subdue him.

By comparison, David Duke, who NEVER personally perpetuated violence against any other person, as far as anyone in our national media knows, has never been referred to as “bright, seemingly intelligent, but VERY politically active,” which IF that description applies to Thomas DiMassimo, it absolutely applies to David Duke even more so. At least David Duke understands what socialism is (the “Command” or government-run economy, the absence of private property...a system that’s failed wherever it’s been tried) and Duke is also VERY politically active.”

BUT is that ALL those two are?

If I were to describe David Duke, after his being arrested for attacking a stage where a Leftist speaker was speaking, as “Bright, seemingly intelligent, but VERY politically active,” would that be a fair and reasonable assessment of him?

No it would not. At least it would not be a complete and accurate assessment.

Wouldn’t that seem as though I were “puffing” David Duke and putting him in the best possible light?

YES, it most certainly would.

BUT one may well argue that, David Duke IS, “bright, seemingly intelligent, but VERY politically active”!

And that’s TRUE, but he’s more than that...and so is Thomas DiMassimo. In fact, DiMassimo is, in many ways, far less intelligent, far more thuggish and probably much more unstable and potentially dangerous than David Duke ever was. The fact that most of those at places like CNN don’t see that SHOULD BE disturbing to the vast majority of Americans.

You see how our Corporate media lies? AND they do this ALL the time.

That is why the primary duty of all right thinking Americans is to undermine the credibility of the national media. Get into those comments threads at the ends of such stories and assail the lies, distortions and mischaracterizations within those stories.

In many cases, when that’s done, they immediately close down the comments section...THAT is where their credibility is best undermined. That “censorship of opinion” in such an open forum best underscores how close-minded and ideologically bigoted this media is.

The goal SHOULD BE to get those outlets to shut down as many of those comments sections as possible and then use that as proof of their ideological bigotry and undermine their overall credibility.

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