Saturday, March 5, 2016

Too Good to be True???

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Troy Morton

A letter to Donald Trump from a black Military vet from Washington, D.C., named Troy Morton ( has made quite a stir recently (…/an-ordinary-voter-wr…/).

Without question, it is a very humbling and heart-rending letter. Read it for yourself.

But you know the way things work, there've been so many fakes, frauds and scams that it's hard to take such things with more than a grain of salt, but this one SEEMS real enough. Attributed to a real person, who has engaged in the comments section in the places where it's been posted.

Trump frightens the "establishment" of BOTH political Parties because he ISN'T a member of the political class, so the corporate national media is fully on-board with "Derailing Trump at all costs."
What are they hiding?

It's got to be more than the fact that major (Big Four) Accounting firms engage in outright criminality (tax EVASION) on behalf of very wealthy clients. You have to be VERY WEALTHY to be able to afford one of the "BIG FOUR" to do your taxes.

It's also got to be more than the old Drug Conglomerate scam where Americans are paying for cheap drugs all over the rest of the world.

It's got to be more than the rampant Medicare and Medicaid fraud that costs us all untold BILLIONS each year.

So, what more could it be?

Widespread election rigging?

Government bureaucrats profiting off the illicit drug trade?

Are they afraid that an honest Benghazi investigation would show that America was pipelining weapons into Syria from that CIA compound? That the assault on the Benghazi compound was a Military attack coordinated with Russian "Advisers" (Special Forces troops)?

Or do they fear that such an investigation would show that the real reason for that entire invasion and the subsequent death of Gaddafi was that leader's call for OPEC to make the gold-backed African Dinar the official Reserve Currency of OPEC?

Or is there even MORE?!

I'm thinking more....MUCH MORE!

ALREADY the GOP's meltdown has shown VERY CLEARLY that we have a sham 2-Party System. There aren't any "Conservatives" in the "Republican establishment," nor any Liberals/"Progressives" in the Democratic "establishment," just unified Corporatists.

We effectively have a ONE PARTY Corporatist system that is divided into a "Red team" and a "Blue team."

You don't have to like, or even agree much with Donald Trump to know that there's something horrifically wrong with our current political system. It's been rigged. It's been corrupted...and as flawed as Donald Trump might be, he's the BEST chance for us to pull the curtains back on this 50-year disaster.

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