Thursday, March 3, 2016

THIS is WHY so Many Conservatives HATE "Establishment" Republicans

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After Jeb Bush's unceremonious exit, Marco Rubio is the ONLY remaining "Establishment" Republican left in the race. John Kasich, at 7%,doesn't really count...and he's really not all that "establishment" either.

Marco Rubio is wearing that as a badge of court the BIG donors.

It seems to be anything but that, in the eyes of the voters, in this election cycle.

If anyone needs reminding as to why the Republican "Establishment" SHOULD BE reviled by ALL working Americans, consider Rubio's anti-worker stance on H-1B Visas, the ones Disney abused in forcing American IT workers to train their cheaper foreign replacements (…/disney-h1b-visas-immig…/396149/).

Contrary to The Atlantic's headline, "America’s Mixed Feelings About Immigrant Labor," there are no "mixed feelings" among American workers. Cheap labor harms Americans...and America Well paid American labor is critical to our economic recovery.

Remember that Marco Rubio was part of "The Gang of Eight" tasked with pushing for MORE In-Sourcing cheap foreign labor with its "Immigration Reforms."

That is what illegal immigration and migrant workers amount to, In-Sourcing! The "In-Sourcing" of cheap labor to undercut American labor and lower the wage floor for ALL American workers.

Where is Senator Rubio on the issue? He's, in fact, "doubled down" on the often abused H-1B Visas (…)

It's no wonder Trump's numbers are swelling and it's little wonder that with stands like this, Rubio has been unable to pull away from the personality-challenged Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump is the bastard child of Pat Buchanan, the first anti-establishment Republican renegade of a bygone era. Apparently all Buchanan needed was some more name recognition among low-information voters...maybe a Reality TV show...or two

Like the media, mainstream politicians don't get Trump's "appeal." They seem to think it's all about "celebrity," or "bold (politically incorrect) speech", but neither one of those fits the bill.

Trump's a VERY flawed candidate, but fortunately for him, more and more people are seeing that folks like him, flawed as they may be, are still LESS flawed than are the likes of career politicians like Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan.

So, right now, Trump's candidacy is a way for voters in the GOP Primaries to tell the Republican "Establishment" that, "This ain't YOUR Party any more."

And so far...they're doing just that!

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