Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The ORGANIZATION Behind the Trump Rally Violence in Chicago

Ja’Mal Green

In this piece, MSNBC has a video in which they interview one of the organizers of the Trump rally riot, a kid named "Ethos."

It is enlightening only in that it clearly shows that the violence at that Chicago rally was well-planned and well-organized. (http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/how-bernie-sanders-supporters-shut-down-donald-trump-rally-chicago)

Apparently, from the looks of the most recent polling these incidents have only energized the Trump voters...but that might be the idea behind these things. Groups like Black Lives MatterMoveon.org, F*ck the Police, etc. seem to think Trump CAN win in a general election...so they plan to do anything they can to derail that.

The polling certainly backs those fears up. Trump, for better or worse, is the ONLY GOP candidate in eons to have brought such renewed voter interest in the stodgy old GOP. In PA alone, some 46,000 registered Democrats have switched their affiliation to vote FOR Trump! Moreover, Trump is the ONLY Republican to draw so many Independents, disaffected Democrats and even "Low Information Voters" (those who watch LOTS of "Reality TV" and very little if ANY News shows), usually the bane of Republicans in every Election.

It's astounding so far, in that initially the other Republicans simply ignored Trump banking on his previous failures and betting he wasn't serious, then when they the people's anger couldn't seem to (1) devise a unified strategy, or (2) coalesce around a single candidate. When they FINALLY decided to "fight fire with fire," they found out that THEY were held to a different standard of political correctness.

Now, it seems all but too late for the GOP to derail Trump and some of that is due to the fact that many in the GOP "establishment" find Cruz nearly as repulsive as Trump.

The Democrats seem to suffering under the SAME quandary - WHAT to do?

Their new panic mode is, "The GOP hasn't done enough to oppose Trump."

Of course, that's NOT the case, the problem, ironically enough, is with our own Corporate media, which has showered Trump with hours of virtually free advertising.

NOW, they're looking to blame Trump "supporters" for the violence initiated by the knuckle dragging groids (whoops....is that too politically incorrect?) many of whom were paid to disrupt and create violent chaos at recent Trump rallies.

You know, this might just be a fun election season after all!

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