Saturday, March 12, 2016

The GOP "Establishment's" Dilemma

The Republican Party's dilemma has been long in building and slow in coming into focus, but it is clear....VERY clear. That Party depends on working class voters as 88% of its base and yet it's support for In-Sourcing (for importing cheap foreign labor in the form of migrant workers and H-1B Visas) and Out-Sourcing (also called "Free Trade") is at odds with the most basic interests of its working class base.

NOW, in the wake of a massive Republican betrayal of its "Tea Party base" (the Tea Party was an organic movement from working class America) led by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, the door's been open for a free-swinging populist to ride in and make, what amounts to a "Hostile Takeover," of that Party.

They brought all THIS on themselves.

What's more, to date, not only has that outsider (Donald J. Trump) garnered the most GOP votes and delegates, he's expanded the GOP voting base nearly double what the GOP Primary voting has been over the past few decades! He's brought in disaffected Democrats (and there are scores of them), he's brought in Independents and for perhaps the very first time, he's actually given the GOP an equal shot at the large swath of "Low Information" voters out there...people who watch little to no news and involve themselves minimally, if at all, in politics.

ALL of that goes away should the GOP "elite" attempt to derail a Trump candidacy at a contested Convention. They KNOW this....but are pondering whether all these new votes are "worth it."

HINT: It's NOT "worth it" to the Corporatist GOP, those Country Club "Moderates who've been in bed with liberal (Progressive) Democrats for decades. Progressivism IS Corporatism and it started in the GOP when Teddy Roosevelt ran as the 1st Candidate for President on a Progressive Party (The Bull Moose Party).

In fact, the "Trump Effect" will be greatly DIMINISHED should the GOP "establishment" look to saddle a Trump with a Rubio, Cruz or even an Adm. Mike Mullen, who'll be put in place to "rein in" any anti-establishment populist agendas.

I am a lifelong registered Democrat who has loooooong reviled the "Moderate"/"Country Club" Republicans who comprise the GOP "establishment." ALMOST as much as I revile the Democratic Left, who've also despised the American working class so much that it has always sought to burden them with ever increasing "social safety net" expenses, supported anti-working class In-Sourcing cheap labor...and with the Clinton's, supported Out-Sourcing, as well.

Coming into this election cycle, I knew ONE thing for sure, Hillary and Jeb were Corporatist twins....both firmly controlled by the cabal of multi-national Corporations that have run this country into the ground.

I was DELIGHTED to see Trump, Cruz, Carson and Fiorina lead the early voting showing that the GOP base had finally had ENOUGH of the establishment's clumsy calumny.

I WAS highly skeptical of Trump's candidacy at the start, fearing it was some kind of public relations gimmick, but now that I see the GOP "establishment's" horror at a potential Trump candidacy and the national media's massive attacks on everything Trump....I'm ALL in!

All this past week the national media has been blaming Trump for "inciting violence" at his rallies, last night they actually helped organize a violent protest in Chicago, "1968 Style."

One eye witness described the scene; "We got to the arena at about 3:30pm and started filing in soon after. Security searched all handbags and backpacks.

"We noticed entire sections of protesters occupying a large section of the arena and also seated among Trump supporters. They were mean. Aggressive. Belligerent. Rude. Loud. They were very organized and started disrupting inside the arena before the announcement was made.

[So, these "protesters were apparently well-trained, well-organized and seated BEFORE the general public was even let into the event....Hmmmmm, HOW'D THAT HAPPEN?!]

"When [the cancellation] announcement was made the whole place erupted in loud screams and shouts coming from all the protesters. They were celebrating the cancellation.

"They didn’t stop there. They even wanted to take over the stage area with the microphone and paraded around locking arms among each other screaming at us, at all Trump supporters, hateful things. Obscenities. Vulgar gestures. They were awful. Demonic like. Many muslims, men and women. Bernie supporters all over the place. BLM as well. The whole place was swarming with them, like roaches.

"The arena was slowly emptied out and all the Trump supporters were out on the side walks/streets and cops everywhere trying to keep the two camps separated. The protesters were so loud. Very loud.

[Those who organized this KNEW they'd need a heightened police presence in its wake, so this was planned by some well-placed government officials, with the aid of a complicit media. The city officials obviously DIDN'T care about putting police in harm's way....see photo below]

"They spilled over the streets and prevented traffic from moving from out of the parking lots and shouted and cussed at Trump supporters.

"These were America haters. Anarchists. Haters like I’ve never seen before. The lowest of the lowest human elements." (…/eyewitness-account-f…/)

THIS is the just the tip of the level of violence that can be expected from those who see an "outsider" and a "plebiscite insurgency" as very possibly UNRIGGING the system they've worked so long and hard to RIG. SEE these comments by the GREAT Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark (

That's all I need to know; The GOP fears Trump and our Corporatist National Media hates him....I'm good with that.

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