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The Dilemma Our Out-of-Step and Insular Corporate Media Faces

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CNN's Brian Stelter (Reliable Sources)

The question of the day seems to be, WHY do so many in the media see Trump as "the disease," when he's actually ONLY a symptom of a much deeper condition? People like myself SHOULD BE the National media's prime demographic (born/raised in NYC, advanced degree, professional wife, good lifestyle) but I revile what appears to be a Corporately scripted and filtered “news” delivery and the ham-handedness of the National Media on virtually ALL major issues. I now believe that ALL of our news is manipulated and ALL outlets are given, in effect, "marching orders" by their corporate masters. I'm far from alone...many, MANY Americans believe the SAME and more are coming around every day.

I probably come off as "reviling Corporatism," when in fact, I probably appreciate Corporatism more than most of those in the media do...our Multi-National Corporations have created the products and jobs we all depend upon, they’ve pretty much shaped the modern world we all live in. UNFORTUNATELY, however, they HAVE NOT made an affirmative and straightforward case for a founding principle of theirs - MULTICULTURALISM. Academia has failed because the vast majority of College educated folks wind up turned against that by actual events in our lives.

The media has failed and I believe it has because the English majors who predominate there, simply aren't able to make the case for such complex ideas. That takes at least an interest in and aptitude for the math. So, the National media simply assumes that "most people support multiculturalism," even though the enemies of multiculturalism on BOTH sides have been doing a much better job of making their case. The anti-Corporatists in the West and the jihadists in the Muslim world. Ironically enough, BOTH of share at least one ideological enemy in common, so it seems.

I might have been receptive to an honest assessment, in that regard, HAD the Corporate controllers affirmatively made the case for "raising the rest of the world’s economies at the expense of the West, in order to eventually have a more thriving global marketplace,” even the case that, “Through global commerce, we can eliminate the core things (religion, ethnicity, etc.”) that have divided people through the ages and resulted in the bulk of our wars."

Those sound like reasonable arguments,” although they’d be somewhat more compelling IF they weren’t made by Corporate entities that at every turn have profiteered off of war and slaughter.

Today that cynicism has overtaken everything. Tim Carney’s book “The Big Ripoff,” has even brought that same kind of  cynicism to the environmental movement...painting it as, in effect, “a lobbying effort bought and paid for by “BIG Energy,” that is designed to lobby consumers to push for higher energy prices.”

In the end, the biggest advantage the anti-Corporatists (including those opposed to what is increasingly seen as a “Corporate media”) is that the media isn’t merely insular, it almost HAS TO BE (remain) so, if it is to continue pushing the Corporatist meme it’s been invested in.

Now, there is a HUGE and growing web of small bloggers, twitter users, etc. that are reaching an ever-growing swell of the populace, even though individually, they aren’t reaching many more, if ANY more people than they’ve reached before. This movement needs to organized structure and has none, making it impossible to address and much harder to rein in.

There are also the optics, which, for the proponents of multiculturalism, are awful. Within a week of the NY Times printing a headline, “Donald Trump Finds a New City to Insult – Brussels,” Brussels is attacked by jihadists and Trump looks like a genius and the NY Times like imbeciles.

How frustrating must THAT be?

Worse still is the American media’s coverage of Europe where anti-multicultural (anti-immigrant) Parties have been gaining strength for years. A CNN reporter introduced that topic saying, “Here in Belgium where so many are the descendants of immigrants.”


No part of Europe has anything like, “A strong immigrant heritage,” so WHY lie? Or at least, WHY appear to lie about something like? Moreover, why continue to downplay the dilemma Europe now faces?

The “Refugees” from the Middle East (primarily Syria) were almost entirely young, military-aged males. Indeed, where were the women and children? More than 3/4s of that group were young males! That has turned out to be “an invading force,” fueling anti-immigrant rage.

INSTEAD of denying that obvious problem, a problem no different than would be flooding the Muslim Mid-East with large groups of ANTI-Muslims and acting “shocked” at the Arab’s anti-immigrant response. CNN and other American outlets are doing exactly that in Europe right now...and looking like fools doing it!

The interesting question for me, is should the current Corporatist oligarchy fall, exactly WHAT will replace, WHO will fill the vacuum?

It doesn’t appear as anyone in the social media community, or anywhere else has even thought about that...nor seems to care much at all.

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