Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sometimes The BIGGEST LIES Come From Our Own National Media!

Abdullahi Mohamed

FICTION: “Refugee shot by Salt Lake City police fled violence, squalor in search of a ‘better life,’” by Lindsay Whitehurst, Associated Press, March 7, 2016

FACT: Police say Abdullahi Mohamed and a second person were beating a homeless man with metal rods when officers intervened in the February 27th incident. The officers fired after Mohamed moved toward the beaten man instead of immediately obeying a command to drop the rod, police said.

Soooo, WHY....EXACTLY, would an AP reporter write up the story in such a way as to puff up (make look better) the Muslim punk beating a defenseless homeless man?

Because the Corporately owned media' owners directed them to do so. There's no other possible reason.

It's absolutely inconceivable that Ms. Whitehurst could be smitten by either smelly refugees, or misogynistic Muslim culture, so it's got to be the media's "Corporatist Culture."

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